Our Community - Osmin Rodriguez - Keeping the 'wheels turning' in San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 47            December 21, 2000

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Osmin Rodriguez

In this ever-changing world, one has to depend on others for different things whether it is the gas or electric company, the gardener or any other service needed. It is very important that these people are professional, efficient and do the job required so that one can get on with their everyday life. Many of these service people know the importance of quick and reliable work and do exactly that. That is the case of this week's personality who works diligently to serve his customer's needs - Mr. Osmin Rodriguez. 

    On December 31st, 1966, Osmin was born in the neighboring country of El Salvador. Coming from a humble and dedicated family, he was no stranger to hard work. After finishing his secondary studies there, he found himself helping his father and brothers cultivate tobacco.

    Osmin decided to come to San Pedro Town, Belize, after the death of his father. He recalls that his father would often talk to them about migrating to Belize in search of a better life, but he died before this became a reality. Honoring his father's memory, Osmin set out to accomplish what his father never could. Already, his older brother had moved to San Pedro and this encouraged him even more. By the age of 18, he had made up his mind and relocated to San Pedro. Osmin was lucky to immediately land a job with Bowen and Bowen working as a maintenance man at the Bowen's estates. Some of his work included helping to construct the seawall in front of Island Academy and the building of the airstrip at Gallon Jug. After working with this company for about four years, Osmin handed in his resignation in a peaceful manner to pursue other work avenues. He was employed as a taxi driver for three years and then as head of maintenance for one of the island's resorts. It was during this time Osmin met a girl and fell in love. On April 6th, 1991, Osmin married Socorro Alamilla of San Pedro Town. They are now the proud parents of three children; Selenie (9), Karina (7) and Jasmine (5) with another child expected in February.

    While he was growing up in El Salvador, Osmin enjoyed visiting his uncles who owned mechanic shops and he developed a knack for working with machinery. As a taxi driver in San Pedro, his employer was especially fond of his skills at fixing small problems the vehicle would encounter. Osmin found that his mechanical knowledge could get him farther than being a driver.

    Throughout his time in San Pedro he had been saving his money and eventually managed to buy five taxis, which became his main source of income. As a taxi owner, he maintained his own vehicles and soon other vehicle owners came to him for his services. Osmin saw big potential in this business and decided to begin his own mechanic shop. This type of service was scarce in San Pedro and soon the amount of time the mechanic shop required, forced him to sell his taxis. After a while, Osmin became the most sought-after mechanic in town, specializing in golf cart and car repairs. Because of the overwhelming response Osmin received for his services, he now employs four trained assistants which he personally supervises during each job. Today, Osmin's mechanic and spare parts shop offers professional service to its customers. From working on transmissions, fuel injection systems and welding, to just recently fixing electrical appliances, Osmin says no job is too big or too small. "We sell auto parts, lubricants and fluids and if we don't have it in stock, we order it. We have good connections in the city and out-districts," commented Osmin. Mr. Rodriguez keeps striving for better quality work and hopes to expand his mechanic shop in the near future. He will be bringing in new, more advanced equipment to better serve the demands of his clients. He said, "I work for the satisfaction of my clientele. We are honest people and do not take advantage of our client's trust in us." Osmin ended the interview by saying, "I am happy I made the decision to move to San Pedro. I have made my family, many friends and my business here. This is my home. Following my father's dream was a wise choice."

    Osmin's contribution to this community has been his honest, reliable mechanic services to many who depend on his expertise. He has done an excellent job in keeping the "wheels turning" in "Our Community."

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