San Pedro Dance Company shines at holiday presentation

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 48            December 28, 2000

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Santa and the junior members of the Company open the show

Nothing more could have been expected of the San Pedro Dance Company, as they presented one of the best shows of the year, Christmas Extravaganza 2000. An elegantly adorned stage, a sophisticated lighting system and a jam-packed Central Park, all played intricate parts in the success of this gala production. From the time the lights signaled the commencement of the entertainment to the surprise ending, complete with fireworks, the entire show was a resounding success.
The surprise presentation of the evening was a big hit
Elegant dances were performed throughout the evening

    The night included great performances by the entire company displaying their talent during modern, ballet, folkloric and special Christmas dance selections. Surprise performances by Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman received thunderous applause from the congregation. Professional choreography was provided by dance instructors Rosita Baltazar and Mark Jenkins of the Belize Dance Company. Creative and elaborate costumes added pizazz to the show. As the evening intensified with the always entertaining performances, various raffles were conducted and many spectators walked away with fabulous prizes.

    The show came to a close with a surprise performance by some of the dance company member's parents in the familiar Latin number, "The Hat I got for Christmas is Too Big." It was especially well received and was the perfect ending to a perfect show. Thumbs up to all who help put together a show of such great caliber!
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