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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 14            April 5, 2001

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Rosela Guerrero

Many say that children are like sponges ñ they absorb everything quickly. It is during this stage in their development that young minds are molded for the future. Parents play an important role in their children's growth, and with the help of teachers, proper educational training is instilled. This week, the San Pedro Sun is pleased to introduce a person dedicated to helping children develop the highest moral and academic standards ñ Mrs. Rosela Nuñez Guerrero.

    Rosela Nuñez was born in San Pedro on December 9th, 1960 to Guillermo Nuñez and Mirtha Paz de Nuñez (both deceased). Rosela grew up in a large happy family consisting of three brothers and nine sisters. She attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School and then San Pedro High School. Rosela was one of eleven students who formed the second graduating class of this institution.

    After completing her secondary education, Rosela was hired as Postmaster for the San Pedro Post Office. Located in a small area of Fido's Courtyard, she spent the next six years providing postal services to the growing village. She recalls that in those days there was not much correspondence. She enlisted the help of Mr. Ernesto "Neto" Gomez to deliver the mail to and from the airstrip and, together, they enjoyed their jobs immensely.

    At the age of 22, Rosela joined her life in marriage with Ramon Guerrero. Their marriage produced a lovely baby girl, Roxannie, who is now18 and studies nursing in Chetumal, Mexico. As a married woman, Rosela chose to stay home and care for her family. Nevertheless, she knew she would someday return to work, especially since there were so many new career opportunities becoming available with the growth of San Pedro.

    Rosela also had a hidden passion for education and eventually felt the time was right to pursue this field. Fascinated by children, she felt a need to work closely with them. She originally planned to apply for a teacher's job at the Roman Catholic School but in the process was encouraged by her husband and family to open her own pre-school instead. At first, this seemed a far-fetched idea but after careful thought, Mrs. Guerrero came to the conclusion that this was exactly what she had been waiting to do. Having made up her mind to begin this new project, Rosela traveled to Belize City to receive the required training and on September 6th, 1990 she opened San Pedro Pre-School. She started out with twenty-five students but word of the new school spread like wild fire and, by the end of the year, a total of forty children were enrolled. The following year, she expanded her school to allow ample space for the children. In order to be able to give more personal attention to her students, she employed another teacher and decided to limit registration to only forty children. From the beginning, Mrs. Guerrero committed herself to giving her young students an education by example and experience. She conducts classes five days-a-week from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and follows a lesson plan and curriculum that maintains the standards of the Pre-School Unit of Belize. In order to keep up with current teaching skills and techniques, she attends the meetings and workshops in Belize City that are required as well.

    Since the birth of San Pedro Pre-School, Teacher Rosela and her students have participated in several town functions. Yearly educational and social events include class trips, Christmas pageants, Children's Week celebrations and Child Stimulation Month activities.

    Tragically, like several homes and buildings on the island, San Pedro Pre-School was totally destroyed by Hurricane Keith last October. Having the best interest of her students at heart, Mrs. Guerrero spared no time in reconstructing the pre-school and missed only one month of classes before opening her doors again to the children.

    Mrs. Guerrero told the San Pedro Sun, "I have enjoyed every day of my life as a teacher. It is very rewarding to know in one way or the other I have played a part in molding these young minds to become valuable citizens of this community. I would like to thank all the parents who have entrusted their children to me. I would also like to thank my friends from abroad who have recently donated art supplies to the pre-school."

    Teacher Rosela Guerrero has rightfully achieved the status of educator in San Pedro. She has accomplished this by planting the seeds of knowledge in the fertile minds of the pre-school children in "Our Community."

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