San Pedro Fire Station inaugurated

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 15            April 12, 2001

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A large crowd witnessed the inauguration of the new fire station

Another historic event was witnessed by many residents of the island who came out to see the dedication of the new fire station for San Pedro. Joining Mayor Alberto Nuñez were National Fire Service Chief Henry Baizar, Area Representative Patty Arceo, San Pedro Town Councilors and other Heads of government officials including Hon. Dickie Bradley, Minister of Home Affairs; Hon. Henry Canton, Minister of Works and Transport and Deputy Prime Minister Johnny Briceño.  

    In his welcome address, Mayor Alberto Nuñez stated, "From when we were a small village we were taught, ŽDon't play with fire - you will be burnt.' We in San Pedro don't play with fire but we have gotten burnt several times. It is those bad experiences that made us cry out for help."

    Chief Henry Baizar took the stand with great excitement and stated, "We are on the road to create a greater Belize." According to Mr. Baizar the station was built by the firemen of San Pedro at a cost of $90,000 provided by the Government of Belize. The station houses two tenders and provides office space, a training room and watchtower. Already two fire trucks are stationed in the new building; one provided by friends in the United States of America (a gift from the people of Cherryville, North Carolina) and the other by Central Government.

    The guest speaker for the inauguration was Minister Dickie Bradley. The Area Representative and the remaining ministers also addressed the gathering. After the formal ceremony, the two local dance groups entertained and the San Pedro fire fighters staged a fire drill. Ironically, this true-to-life performance featured a fire in the upstairs rooms of the new firehouse, which was swiftly extinguished. Refreshments were then served to those gathered.
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