Boston Proper picks "Caye" location again

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 33            August 23, 2001

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Boston Proper models Stephanie and Silvina

More models could be seen "suiting up" at Ramon's Village last week as Boston Proper clothing visited the island for another catalog shoot. Marketing Director Lance Chancellor invited the San Pedro Sun over for a closer look at next spring's fashions.

    Running the show again was Boston Proper Studio/Creative Director Alain Boyer who explained the reason for the return to San Pedro was because it has such "good karma" and they were anxious to capture that again. He commented, "It is so easy to shoot in Belize. Getting through customs is a breeze compared to other countries. Once we get here, everyone is so accommodating and friendly - the crew gets a positive feeling and the shoot goes smoothly. The second experience in a location also gives you the advantage to be able to make a "Plan B" in case of imperfect weather." Mr. Boyer stated that mainly Caribbean locations are chosen for Boston Proper's spring and summer catalogs. Last year's "San Pedro catalog," as they refer to it, yielded sales that climbed an unprecedented 18% above the sales projections.

    Joining Alain for the second year in a row was Photographer Val Ostrowski (he says it's because he knows what he's doing!). Providing the models their usual "glow" was Hair and Makeup man Chan Ho. Also making the trip were Photographer's Assistants, David Dominick and Angelo Rivera. Modeling for the first three days of the six-day shoot were Silvina Krijger and Stephanie Rabin. Two others, "Vanessa and Amber" were joining them for the last three days.

    Ramon's Village is not the only resort owned by Richard Headrick that Boston Proper chose this year. Two resorts in Wyoming were chosen for other catalog shoots as well. The Old Corral Hotel & Steak House, in Centennial, near Laramie, was chosen for its beautiful, rustic scenery. The winter scenes were shot in May at The Snowy Mountain Lodge at an elevation of 10,000 feet.

    Described as an upscale women's clothing catalog and website, Boston Proper features mostly swimsuits, cover-ups and "island casual" resort wear in their spring catalogs. The combination of the white sand and crystal clear water, the colorful buildings in town, tiki huts and other unique locations on the island accent their line of lightweight tropical clothing.

    The work just finished will be featured in the Spring 2002 catalog scheduled for distribution in November. For more on Boston Proper, check out their website at

    Wrapping up our interview, Mr. Boyer stated he hopes there will not be a lot of changes to the island. He added, "I've been around the world doing this. My best advice is keep your development in check so you don't ruin the reason Boston Proper and everyone else wants to return again and again to La Isla Bonita."
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