Our Community - Velie Williams - "The 'Sunshine Girl' of San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 33            August 23, 2001

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Velie Williams

Costa Maya Festival 2001 was a resounding success bringing together the wonderful Maya cultural diversity. Most people attended because of the presentations unique to this festival. Some particularly enjoyed the pageant, others were entertained by the musical bands and the ever-impressive Mexican superstar Laura Leon, but a large amount were delighted by the cultural presentations. The dances native to our Central American neighbors are always an attraction. Before this grand festival came to be, folkloric dances in San Pedro were a novelty. This week, the San Pedro Sun is honored to introduce a talented local that has made a big difference in the entertainment world of Ambergris Caye by introducing diverse culture to the dance scene - Mrs. Velie Paz Williams.

    On January 28th, 1972 Velie was born to Evelia and Milo Paz Sr. in the tranquil fishing village of San Pedro. Coming from a close-knit family, young Velie enjoyed a happy childhood growing up among her brothers Milo and Vidal. As a pre-teen, Velie discovered something very special about herself. She realized that through the art of dance she was able to express her feelings. In 1984, Velie joined the Sunshine Dancers, San Pedro's first recognized dance group. For four years Velie and the Sunshine Dancers entertained in San Pedro and throughout the country.

    As a student Velie excelled, graduating at the top of her commercial class at San Pedro High School in 1988. After graduation, Velie moved to Merida, Mexico to pursue a profession in cosmetology. Velie enrolled in the Academia de Belleza Merida where she was certified as a cosmetologist in 1991. During her stay in Merida, Velie also attended the Academia de Danza Hunab-Hu, a prestigious dance school in Mexico. Velie took four years of dance classes specializing in Jazz, Ballet and Folklore. Velie also enrolled in the Ayuntamiento de Merida to perfect her knowledge of Mexican folklore. Always a very energetic and athletic young woman, Velie also took advantage of the variety of schools available and enrolled in a one-year aerobics class at the Gimnasio Sherryl.

    Velie returned to San Pedro in 1991, but instead of starting a business related to cosmetology, she opted for a dance studio - her true calling. For two years Velie trained and coached hundreds of girls in the art of dance. The San Pedro Wave Dancing School introduced new styles and a new concept of dance when it came to Jazz, as well as Mexican and Belizean cultural dance styles.

    In 1993, Velie was chosen as the San Pedro Lions Queen. She competed at the district level and emerged victorious as Miss Lions District 59, in a contest held in Belize City. Miss Paz was then invited to travel to Panama as Belize's first Lions Queen to attend the Istmania Convention. One of the highlights of this trip that is still very vivid in Velie's mind is when she was given the opportunity to push the button, opening the Panama Canal. Since then, Velie has been an active supporter of the San Pedro Lions Club. That same year, on November 20th, Miss Paz joined her life in marriage to Javier Williams, formerly of Belize City. Together this marriage has produced two lovely children: Javier Vidal and Alexi.

    Presently Mrs. Williams teaches aerobics classes from Monday through Thursday at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. She specializes in step, "Tae Boe," and low and high impact aerobics classes. Although her dance school is no longer  operating, Velie is always willing to share her dance skills when needed.

    This graceful and charming woman is admired by both the young and old of San Pedro. Through her artistic talents she has introduced diverse culture to the dance scene. A dancer, athlete, cosmetologist and mother, Velie Paz Williams is a true work of art and a fine example of the great talent that keeps the traditions alive in "Our Community."

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