Dilcia Trejo wins Miss San Pedro 2001-2002

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 36            September 13, 2001

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Miss San Pedro 2001-2002 Dilcia Trejo

With thunderous applause from an enthusiastic crowd, charming Dilcia Trejo was voted Miss San Pedro 2001-2002 last Saturday. It was standing room only, as Central Park was filled to capacity with the hundreds who came out to witness the selection of this year's "Señorita San Pedro."

    The kick-off event for this year's September celebrations, the pageant certainly served its purpose, as a feeling of patriotism was sensed among the gathering. To hype things up, the stage was magically transformed into a wonderful piece of art by San Pedro's own Dimas Guerrero. Accenting the evening with charm and beauty was Mistress of Ceremonies Wilema Gonzalez who co-hosted with Councilor Santiago Acosta.

    All eyes were on the stage as each contestant greeted the audience in their national costume. In order of appearance Miss Geraldine Leslie depicted Belize's national bird the Keel-billed Toucan, Dilcia Trejo the Sun, Margaret Medina the Barrier Reef and Marcia Haylock the Jaguar. The elaborate costumes worn by the participants were definite crowd pleasers. The young ladies next delighted the crowd in swimwear and then a group dance featuring Miss San Pedro 2000 Adaly Guerrero. As the evening unwound, the San Pedro Dance Company kept the audience entertained, giving the contestants time to change. Grace and elegance were truly represented by these four ladies as they appeared in their evening wear. Like a cluster of diamonds, the girls were dazzling, their performances complimented by intelligent answers in the interview session. 

    Undertaking the difficult task of selecting the new Miss San Pedro was a distinguished panel of judges made up of the following: Mr. Mark Borland of the Belize Tourism Board, Mrs. Joyce Shaw of St. Andrew's Primary School, Former Miss San Pedro Jocelyn Bremekamp, Dr. Giovanni Solorzano of San Carlos Medical Center and Dr. Sebastian Guilbard of St. Matthew's University.

    Tension filled the air as the moment of truth came near. In her final farewell the reigning Miss San Pedro bid adieu to the crowd stating, "In my heart I will remain Miss San Pedro and continue to be a good ambassador and active citizen." Bouquets were presented to all the contestants before the selection of Miss Amity whom the contestants awarded to Dilcia Trejo. Miss Trejo was also named Miss Photogenic, and to put icing on the cake, she took home the title of Miss San Pedro 2001-2002. The crowd exhibited their pleasure with this decision, many commenting that Miss Trejo seemed confident and was flawless throughout the evening. Marcia Haylock was chosen first runner-up.

     A victory dance followed in honor of the new Miss San Pedro with the sounds of the New Sensations Band. Dilcia Trejo, sponsored by Castillo's Hardware, will officially be crowned the island's beauty ambassador at a special coronation ceremony on September 21st, 2001. The San Pedro Sun joins the community of San Pedro in congratulating the new Miss San Pedro, Dilcia Trejo.

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