Costa Maya - A financial success!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 39            October 4, 2001

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A profit for the three-day Costa Maya Festival 2001 was announced to loud applause from members of the Costa Maya Committee last Wednesday. Cut short by one day due to Tropical Storm Chantal, this year's premier festival featured glamour and entertainment from the five Mundo Maya countries of Latin America. Chairman Gach Guerrero and Director Melanie Paz expressed many thanks to the committee for their hard work and devotion in making this year's festival a success. In reply, the committee revealed its appreciation and preference for a four-day event, versus the six-day festival of past years. A special thank you was also extended to Mrs. Mary Beissner for her continued support in managing and controlling the financial aspects of the Costa Maya Festival.

    In the report, it showed income was generated from several sources including: sponsors - $69,150; advance ticket sales - $41,055; gate - $51,389; bar - $24,908; soft drinks - $4,370; booths - 4,900; games - $6,000; and T-shirts and raffle - $410,  totaling $196,372. Expenses were paid out for a variety of items such as  entertainment, pageant, telephone, security, grounds maintenance, repayment of a loan from the San Pedro Town Council, etc., totaling $175,607. It was reported that most of the profit will be used to pay off an existing loan from the Development Finance Corporation who are still due money for a past Costa Maya Festival. The remainder will be used as "start-up" money for next year's event.

    Also the public is advised that due to circumstances beyond the committee's control, the Festival Raffle has been cancelled. It was disclosed to the committee, just prior to this year's festival, that the house and lot would now need to be paid for out of money raised by the raffle. This information was contrary to the previous commitment given by the Belize Rural South office that they would facilitate the prize. Additionally, due to a poor response from this year's sales efforts, a decision was made that the raffle would not be beneficial. As a result, money will be refunded to those possessing ticket stubs who contact the committee at 026-2180 before October 31, 2001. Following that date, the remainder of the money collected will be raffled to those who choose to remain in the contest. The exact date and details of this raffle will be announced at a later date in the San Pedro Sun.
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