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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 39            October 4, 2001

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The Ambergris Caye Traffic Control Committee (ACTCC) has taken up the task of enforcing the traffic laws and improving the traffic situation of the island. In speaking with Debbie Spain, member of the ACTCC and traffic warden for San Pedro Town, she explained that due to the limited manpower and funding given to the Transport Department, the ACTCC has sought the help of the town council to remedy this situation.

   Already the ACTCC has opened their new office, downstairs from the town hall, next to the Ambergris Caye Planning office. Additionally, Peter Mangar Jr. and Zee Rhaburn have been hired by the town council to work as full time Traffic Wardens (Class II). These two gentlemen are presently undergoing training in this field and are working closely with Debbie Spain and Transport Officer Giovanni Guerra. The ACTCC has engaged in numerous new practices to address the traffic challenges of San Pedro. 

    Some of the traffic warden's duties include supervising the morning school crossing at the intersection of Tarpon Street and Pescador Drive. They chose this particular location (school) because it is one of the busiest, involving over 800 students. Peter and Zee will be very strict when enforcing the traffic laws of the island and will be ticketing all violators. Some of the frequent violations which have been neglected in the past include: riding a bicycle contrary to traffic, riding a bicycle-two abreast, unlicensed vehicles, uninsured vehicles, driving without a valid permit, and driving a vehicle without an ACTCC sticker.

    For the past two weeks, this active team has been patrolling for vehicles parked overnight on the streets. Vehicle owners that do not abide by this law are being given a warning and if they do not comply, their replacement license will not be granted. Debbie Spain explained that violators of this specific traffic law may also be subject to a fine of $100 every night that the vehicle is parked on the street. The ACTCC has also managed to place two new speed bumps at high-speed areas of the island; one on Tarpon Street near the San Pedro Roman Catholic School and another on Coconut Drive near Lydia's Institute of Fine Education. The committee hopes to establish more of these "sleeping policemen" in other parts of town, especially the outskirts of San Pedro. Anyone who feels that there is an area that requires a speed bump, or wants to donate for the construction of one may contact Debbie Spain at the San Pedro Town Council at 026-2198.

    Commencing this week, the ACTCC will also make certain that Barrier Reef Drive remains closed to vehicular traffic on weekends. They are asking all vehicle owners to cooperate with this matter and the public is advised that anyone not adhering to this practice will be ticketed. Additionally, a pedestrian crossing area will be placed on Coconut Drive, near Tropic Air, which has been identified as a frequent crossing spot. Alternative parking signs will soon be erected on Barrier Reef Drive and Pescador Drive to eliminate the problem of double parking. This project is expected to commence by next weekend and again the attention of all vehicle owners is called to this new practice. Also planned for the near future are parking marks. Red pegs will be placed ten feet from each corner to show the areas are "no parking."

    In speaking with the San Pedro Sun, Debbie Spain said that these are only a few of the many projects that are planned by the ACTCC. She insisted that with the recruitment of the two traffic wardens, ACTCC will be very vigilant and will discipline all violators of the traffic laws. A big thumbs up to the ACTCC for enforcing the traffic laws of this island!
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