Our Community - Adelita Bouloy - "Providing a 'finishing touch' in San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 40            October 11, 2001

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Adelita Bouloy

San Pedro is a community known for its pageants, celebrations, parties, dance presentations, and endless forms of entertainment. Gatherings of these types require much preparation, whether it involves decorating, "fine-tuning" the arrangements or just getting the participants "in shape" and looking glamorous. This week "Our Community" salutes a lady who can manage all these tasks necessary to provide the perfect function - Mrs. Adelita Bouloy.

    Adelita was born in Punta Gorda to Justina and Justiniano Marin (deceased) of San Pedro Town on February 16th, 1939. When she was only seven years old Adelita's father passed away, so her family (six sisters and one brother) moved to the northern district of Corozal. The Marin's spent three years there before making a decision to relocate to San Pedro.

    Settled in San Pedro, Adelita attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School. At the age of 12 she was enrolled in St. Catherine's Academy and moved to Belize City. It was there Adelita met and fell in love with Michael "Mike" Bouloy. She and Mike joined their lives in marriage in 1959 and this union produced two children: Deanna Horst and Michael Bouloy (deceased).

    Adelita and her family then moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA where she was certified as a cosmetologist from the New Orleans International School of Cosmetology. Upon her return to Belize City in 1973, Mrs. Bouloy opened a beauty salon named La Bella Donna. At the time, her salon was one of the biggest in Belize City, employing six cosmetologists. Adelita's services were in such demand that she would even travel to San Pedro at the request of the locals. Her business soon expanded to include a beauty academy where Mrs. Bouloy used her knowledge to teach others this line of work. The Bouloy family felt blessed and everything seemed be going their way. Unfortunately, life took a sudden turn that would change their lives forever. Young Michael fell ill and Mrs. Bouloy moved him to the US for medical treatment. She remained by her son's bedside for the next six years. Sadly, at the age of 23, Michael succumbed to his illness and was buried in the US. Broken-hearted and having lost the will to carry on, Mrs. Bouloy returned to San Pedro where she lived a semi-retired life.

    Two years ago, Mrs. Bouloy embarked on a new venture. Known for being a health conscious person all her life, she was asked by family members to prepare a healthy menu for them to incorporate into their diet. She took on the challenge and in no time was preparing nutritious food for several clients. The word quickly spread around town and soon others in the community were joining this "health conscious" group. "My food is not necessarily diet food, although it is prepared with the least amount of calories possible. It is prepared for anyone who wishes to live a healthy lifestyle," commented Mrs. Bouloy.

    Back in the "public eye," Mrs. Adelita Bouloy happily accepted a position as advisor for Barbara's Dance Group. She is now kept busy offering recommendations and even designing costumes for these talented dancers.

    Mrs. Bouloy is also a natural when it comes to decorating. Although she possesses no schooling in this area, she is well known for her excellence in decorating and accessorizing at weddings, Quinceaños parties, stages, reception halls and even churches. Her original style and creativity have transformed many of these areas into fantasies come true. As a woman of society, she has also been instrumental in grooming many of the contestants for the Miss Belize and Miss San Pedro Pageants, providing consultations in etiquette and style. In fact, Mrs. Bouloy played a major role in organizing the reception given for the Queen of England when Her Majesty visited Belize.

    Mrs. Adelita Bouloy is very happy to share her skills with others. Her charm, talents and pleasant personality are gifts that have gained her much admiration. Always innovative and full of new ideas, her skills are ever in demand. Because of her refinement and knowledge which she so generously shares with others, Mrs. Adelita Bouloy is considered a "lady of class" in "Our Community."

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