Prime Minister re-shuffles Cabinet

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 41            October 18, 2001

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In a speech to the nation on the 15th of October, Prime Minister Said Musa announced the following changes to Cabinet. He denied this was a result of the recent resignation of Minister of National Security Jorge Espat. In his address, the PM quoted the decision was made, "to refashion the executive mechanism to carry out the tasks demanded by the present crisis." Below is a list of the Ministers and their current portfolios.

Said Musa - Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Cooperation, Finance & Economic Development. The Public Utilities Commission will also be in the Prime Minister's Office, answerable to the Cabinet.

John Bricẻ#241;o - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources, Environment & Commerce and Industry

Maxwell Samuels - Minister of Home Affairs (Police, Immigration, Prisons) Ralph Fonseca - Minister of Budget Management, Investment & Public Utilities 

Henry Canton - Minister of Works, Transport & Communications, Citrus & Banana Industries

Daniel Silva - Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries & Cooperatives

Mark Espat -  Minister of Tourism & Culture

Jose Coye - Minister of Health & Public Service

Godfrey Smith - Attorney General and Minister of Information

George Price - Minister of Defense and National Emergency Management

Marcial Mes - Minister of Rural Development

Dickie Bradley - Minister of Housing & Urban Renewal (including Post Office & Fire Service)

Cordel Hyde - Minister of Education, Youth & Sports

Dolores Balderamos - Minister of Human Development, Women & Children, and Civil Society

Valdemar Castillo - Minister of Labor, Local Government and the Sugar Industry

    He ended by saying, "That is the Cabinet. The two Ministers of State, namely Servula Baeza and Patty Arceo, will remain in place. In January, I will recall Ambassador Assad Shoman and appoint him as Minister of Foreign Affairs."
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