Our Community - Miguel Hernandez - "Aiming for 'new horizons' in San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 41            October 18, 2001

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Miguel Hernandez

Education is said to be the key to success and it is a necessity to survive in today's world. Teachers are charged with instilling academic knowledge in their students in order to prepare them for this world. Some educators go a step further to teach daily life skills and moral values to their pupils, further preparing them for the real world. This week, we are pleased to introduce a young gentleman who emphasizes the slogan "To Educate is to Redeem" - Mr. Miguel Hernandez.

    Miguel Hernandez was born on June 7th, 1974 in San Joaquin Village, Corozal District to Guadalupe and Angel Hernandez. This close-knit Adventist family was very faithful to their religion and instilled moral values in Miguel and his brother and sister at a very young age.

    Miguel grew up enjoying life in the village of San Joaquin where he attended San Joaquin Roman Catholic School. He continued his education at Corozal Community College and Corozal Junior College, graduating with an Associate's Degree in Business Administration in 1996. He then moved on to the University College of Belize (now University of Belize) where he spent another year furthering his knowledge of Business Administration.

    In 1997, Miguel relocated to San Pedro Town with the hope of implementing what he had learned. He was on the island for only a short period of time when he received a job offer from the Belize Adventist Mission, which oversees the Adventist schools throughout the country. Miguel had written them a letter expressing his interest in increasing the educational standards in various communities and they decided to give him an opportunity. Mr. Hernandez's first position was principal of Bullet Tree Seventh Day Adventist School in the Cayo District. For two years he worked intensely, eventually raising the educational standards of that school. Having reached his goal, he was transferred to Eden Primary School, also in the Cayo District, for one more year before returning again to San Pedro in 1999, this time as principal of New Horizon Academy.

    Since his first day on the job, Principal Miguel Hernandez has dedicated his heart and soul to the school. He is firm with his teachers, making certain they carry out their daily responsibilities. He has given more recognition to the school by participating in a variety of town activities and in turn this has increased the enrollment at New Horizon Academy. "For the optimum development of the student, home, school and church, we must cooperate as a team. The home is where to lay the foundation for education. The work of the church and school supplement the continuing influence of the home. Active planning on the part of the teacher creates a fuller understanding for the student and will enable teachers to provide more adequately for their students' continued education," stated Principal Hernandez.  

    Teaching has become a major part of Miguel's life and he devotes most, if not all of his time to it. After finishing a full day's work at New Horizon Academy, Mr. Hernandez puts on yet another hat - that of Vice Principal of St. Peter's College. As if this was not enough, he teaches math, office procedures, accounting and principles of business at the college too.

    When asked what he enjoys doing when he has free time, he responded that he enjoys spiritual talks and giving words of encouragement to members of the congregation. Mr. Hernandez says he has found his place in this world working with the children. His patience, love and strong faith rank Miguel Hernandez as a top educator in "Our Community."

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