Monies approved for Coconut Drive and Seawalls

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 42            October 25, 2001

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On a visit to the Ministry of Sugar Industry, Labor and Local Government on Friday, October 19, 2001 Mayor Alberto Nuñez and Councilor Domingo Perez observed the signing of two contracts that would benefit the residents of San Pedro. Both contracts totaled a sum of $763,849.14.

    The first of these two contracts is for the construction of a concrete sea wall at three locations in San Pedro Town. These three locations include a seawall behind the Belize Electricity Limited plant, at the lagoon side by the old football field and in the vicinity of Compadres Bar. The total value of construction for these seawalls is $445,206.25.

    The second contract is for the upgrade of Coconut Drive for an estimated 800 feet of road behind Ramon's Village. The value of this contract is $318,642.89. This portion of Coconut Drive will now be cobble-stoned similar to that portion of Coconut Drive next to Tropic Air.

    The contracting firm of Rojas, Schulz & Nelder was awarded both contracts. Signing on behalf of the Government of Belize was Dr. Windell Parham, CEO of the Ministry of Sugar Industry, Labor & Local Government, and for Rojas, Schulz & Nelder, Ms. Vicky Nelder. Mayor Alberto Nuñez and Municipal Financial Controller, Mr. Eugene Palacio served as witnesses to both contracts.

    According to a government press release, the actual work should begin within the next two weeks, and projects should be completed 18 weeks after the initial date of construction.
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