Our Community - Omar Guerrero - "Building 'team spirit' and more in San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 46            November 22, 2001

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Omar Guerrero

Talents are virtues and portray individual skills, in turn, making some people exemplary members of their community. Whether their specific talent is artistic, athletic or professional, having citizens with special aptitudes is always a plus for any town. This week the San Pedro Sun is pleased to feature one of these gifted individuals - Mr. Omar "Canasi" Guerrero.  

    On August 8th, 1959 Olivia and Dimas Guerrero Sr. (deceased) rejoiced in the birth of their son Omar. Omar says that growing up in this peaceful fishing village, among his four brothers and three sisters, has provided him memories he will treasure for a lifetime. He attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School and St. Peter's High School (now San Pedro High School) for three years before moving to Belize City to finish his secondary education at Wesley College.

    After graduating in 1978, Omar returned to San Pedro and went to work at his brother Ovidio's grocery store. Omar felt this was the least he could do because his brother had paid for his schooling in Belize City. After five years of working at Martha's Store, Omar was hired as the Plant Manager for Caribeña Cooperative; a job he kept for two years. He then went to work as an apprentice for Tom Harding, a well-known contractor. Having mastered this skill, he teamed up with his brother Ofel to work independently in this business. Since then Omar has been responsible for the construction of many buildings in San Pedro and continues to do so to this date.

    On February 7th, 1982 Omar wed Soila Gonzalez of San Pedro Town. Since that day, they have enjoyed a wonderful life enriched by two lovely daughters; former Miss San Pedro Adaly, and Siommarie, a talented dancer. 

    Omar Guerrero has also given his services to the community by means of the San Pedro Town Council. In 1987, Omar was elected as a Town Councilor and his portfolio included the promotion of sports and supervising town projects. With regards to the latter, he was one of the first persons to conduct a study of necessary street repairs, eventually advocating for the cobblestones on a portion of Coconut Drive. While in office, he also formed the San Pedro Sports Committee and introduced Five-a-Side football to San Pedro. Working with the youth of the island came naturally to Omar, as he himself had always been a very athletic person. Whether it was soccer, basketball, softball, table tennis or darts, Omar enjoyed them all. He unselfishly dedicated twelve years of his life working for the betterment of his town and says he is satisfied with his performance. "I am very happy about the things that I accomplished when I served as a Town Councilor. I am thankful to all the people who supported me. I take this opportunity to challenge others to dedicate their time for the benefit of San Pedro," stated Omar. 

    Even after retiring from the political scene, Omar continued his involvement in sports. For five years he served as President of the Dolphins Football Team, a semi-pro club from San Pedro. Most recently, Mr. Guerrero has been instrumental in reviving the San Pedro Darts Association and is also an avid player. Now affiliated with the Belize Darts Organization, the San Pedro Darts Team has managed to bring their members to peak performance. Only a couple of months ago, Omar captured the title of Belize National Darts Champion. He told the San Pedro Sun that he is hoping to travel with 14 other dart players to the Cayman Islands in August of 2002 to represent Belize in the Caribbean Darts Tournament.

    As if he was not busy enough, Omar is presently the owner/manager of the Punta Boys, a six-member band comprised of young people from San Pedro. "These kids have a lot of talent and potential. I wanted to give them the opportunity to share this with the rest of the community. That is why I got involved with the band," Omar explained.

    You might be thinking that he would not have time for anything else. Wrong, not for Omar Guerrero. He also volunteers his services either as a bartender or as a grill chef for many fundraising events. Because of his unselfishness and community dedication, Omar was named a Justice of the Peace in 1999.

    Judging from his past achievements and his present involvement in so many activities in San Pedro, Omar Guerrero certainly qualifies as an outstanding "team player" in "Our Community."

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