Bridge over troubled waters?

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 2            January 17, 2002

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Although it is not the first time the subject has been approached, the San Pedro Town Council is again "testing the waters" regarding the controversial construction of a bridge to connect North and South Ambergris Caye. Strictly in the preliminary phase of this concept, San Pedro Town Administrator Alberto Villanueva stated to the San Pedro Sun that "without a doubt" the SPTC will conduct public consultations before making ANY decision on how they will proceed with this project.

    It would appear that our very independent town council is acting autonomously in this, as government funding has not been requested thus far. During this "feasibility stage," the town council has received the first of several sketches which will include various designs and financial estimates for the project, should it be undertaken. Two concepts have already been submitted by Usher and Associates, and Jerry McDermott.

     It has not yet been determined what type of traffic (golf cart or larger vehicle), is being proposed for the bridge. It was stated there has been no coercion by either political or private interest for this project. The San Pedro Town Council is holding sessions to study the preliminary sketches and will update the public on their progress from these meetings.
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