Wil and Dale - a San Pedro "Souvenir"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 5            February 7, 2002

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"Souvenir" - a Wil & Dale production

Fresh out of the recording studio is a compact disc certain to make the charts or at least many a travel bag-"Souvenir". Recorded specifically for tourists to carry home, "Souvenir" is a collection of the "visitor's favorites" from San Pedro's dynamic duo Wil Nuñez and Dale Wallace. Featuring "Welcome to San Pedro," "Beautiful San Pedro" and "Magic Island" this CD will persuade anyone to return to "La Isla Bonita." 

    After 27 years of delighting residents and visitors of the island, Wil and Dale finally found the time to sit down and relax long enough to record a few songs. Wil's keyboards and Dale's guitar combined with their vocal abilities creates a collection of songs sure to please travelers and locals alike. Much of the inspiration for "Souvenir" came from the list of songs the two play several evenings every week while entertaining in popular restaurants in San Pedro. The duo is also booked for nearly every special occasion on the island, as well as, many mainland events. It was during one of these engagements that a picture was taken by local businesswoman Iraida Gonzalez of the two musicians performing on the seafront. Upon viewing the photograph, Wil and Dale joked it would make a great cover for a CD. Little did they know, that humor would soon become reality.

    Speaking with the entertainers at their weekly gig at Celi's barbecue last Wednesday night, they described "Souvenir" as "mostly rhythmic island songs." Other selections included in the 14 tracks are "Old Belize" written by former Prime Minister Esquivel's brother John Esquivel and an old favorite of many "Guantanamera". "A little calypso, a little soca, a ėlotta' Latin," was another comment. Persons interested in purchasing "Souvenir" may do so by sending $25US (includes shipping and handling) to: Dale Wallace, General Delivery, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America.

    Now that their first CD is a hot item in finer gift shops on the island, Wil and Dale are already looking forward to their next creation. "This one was for the tourists, but the next one will be dedicated to our local friends," they vowed. Personally, we can't wait!

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