HolaAmbergrisCaye Committee in action

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 5            February 7, 2002

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A group of five dynamic island professionals have joined forces to do what they know best - promote "La Isla Bonita." Formed recently, this group called HolaAmbergisCaye Committee consists of Einer Gomez, Melanie Paz, Gaspar "Gach" Guerrero, Vicky Nelder and Lincoln Eiley. The idea to form this committee came about after a group conversation ended in the unanimous decision that the private sector needed to get together to promote Ambergris Caye as a destination. The terrorist attacks in New York have changed the regular flow of tourists to the island and the team felt it was necessary to do something to entice more travelers to San Pedro. The group prioritized their objectives and came up with their mission statement - "To promote the island of Ambergris Caye as the premier destination in Belize." Having done this, they identified three main goals: (1) To attend international trade shows, collectively as Ambergris Caye. (2) To establish an Ambergris Caye brochure and a generic website. (3) To aid the Belize Tourism Board by hosting groups on familiarization trips to the island.

    Although HolaAmbergrisCaye Committee is in its infancy, the commitment and determination of this group is to be admired. They have already hosted two Mundo Maya photographers from a European magazine. Last Saturday, they entertained wholesalers from Honduras and next week will host wholesalers from the United Kingdom.

    HolaAmbergrisCaye Committee has the support of the Belize Tourism Board and the San Pedro Town Council. One of the members of HolaAmbergrisCaye Committee told the San Pedro Sun, "We ask all hotels, restaurants, tour operators and all tourist-related businesses on the island to open their doors to this committee and others of this type. Their support is essential for us to reach our objective of promoting the island."

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