Category 7 - Rocks you like a hurricane!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 7            February 21, 2002

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Category 7 - Ebbe, Barefoot Skinny, James, Karl, Charles and Dale (missing from photo Tony Buono)

If you want to hear disco, rap, Top 40 or reggae, don't bother seeing San Pedro's newest band Category 7 - they don't play it. But, if you want to rock the night away, dancing to full-throttle, "kick-ass" rock and roll, Category 7 is the band for you!

    Category 7 is the newest offering in the smorgasbord of talented performers who call Ambergris Caye home. The formation of the band was the result of a holiday request made by Malcolm Hitchcock of Fido's Bar. Mr. Hitchcock asked house performers Barefoot Skinny and Pineapple Willie to assemble some type of "different" entertainment for his Christmas and New Year's Eve parties at Fido's. With a firm commitment from Fido's, the duo assembled a finely tuned group of local musicians and Category 7 was "formed". The end result is a combination of high-energy and talented individuals who have taken San Pedro by "storm"!

    The band is comprised of the following members:

    Musical Director Barefoot Skinny, on keyboard, drums and vocals. Skinny is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, has lived on Ambergris Caye since 1993, and has been a staple on the local music scene since his arrival in Belize.

    Ebbe (Weile Coyote) Weile originally hails from Denmark. He "blew into Belize" a year and a half ago on an investigative trip and decided to make Ambergris Caye his new home. Ebbe has recorded and produced music in Denmark, Sweden and Germany and also released several of his own CDs. Ebbe plays rhythm guitar and is one of the band's vocalist.

    James (Howlin' Jaime) Storey is the band's lead guitarist and also contributes to the vocals. James, the only natural born Belizean, is called the "blond with red hair" by the band. James' hot guitar riffs combined with his meandering through the crowd like a rock-n-roll mariachi adds to the overall allure of the show.

     Karl (Pineapple Willie) Swint has been performing as a solo artist on the island for the past nine months and has worked as a professional musician for over 30 years. Karl is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and supplies vocals along with playing acoustic/rhythm guitar.

    Charles (Chazz the Jazz) Worthington Jr., a Belizean/American raised primarily in San Pedro, is the band's bass player. Charles was a former music student of Barefoot Skinny and Category 7 is his entry into the professional music scene.   

    Dale (Killer Whale Dale) Wallace Jr. is the group's dynamic drummer and percussionist. Dale started playing drums professionally when he was 15, teaming up with San Pedro's musical maestro Dennis Wolfe. Dale is the youngest member of the band and the son of "world famous" San Pedro entertainer Dale Wallace.

    Rounding out the band is vocalist extraordinaire Tony (Tony Soprano) Buono. Tony has been a lead vocalist for many-a-band including "Escape" - a Journey tribute band in Florida until he "escaped" to San Pedro a little over a year ago.

     With such a diverse mix of musicians and talent it is easy to see why this is a "must see" band. Their "Fearless Rock Revue," complete with four-part harmony, is sure to get rockers of all ages on their feet. Each show consists of 40-45 superbly blended classic rock songs from Aerosmith to Zeppelin and every artist in between. Each week, new songs are added to the mix, and soon they will be including original songs, written by Ebbe and Skinny.

    So check out Category 7 every Wednesday and Saturday night at Fido's - you'll be glad you did. Category 7 - It's only rock and roll, but we like it!
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