Cold beer for sale again!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 9            March 7, 2002

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Several Liquor Licensing Board meetings were held countrywide this week and the good news coming out of each is the decision announced by government to drop the word "unrefrigerated" from the recently passed Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act amendments.

    As published in the San Pedro Sun two weeks ago, it had become unlawful for shop, beer and hotel licenses to sell cold beer, much to the dismay of many proprietors and consumers. This amendment was passed specifically to deal with the unlawful consumption of liquor on the premises of shops (not licensed as such), and to address the problem of public drinking. 

    According to a memo released last week from the President of the Mayors' Association David Fonseca, he stated: "Kindly be informed that the new amendment passed by the House of Representatives and Senate on the Liquor License Act has been signed into law by the Governor General of Belize on February 26th, 2002. Also, the word, Žunrefrigerated' was taken out of the amendment."

    The San Pedro Town Liquor Licensing Board consists of Chairman Santiago Acosta, and members Nicolas Varela, Manuel Del Valle, Hector Salazar and Santiago Vasquez. Ex-oficio members are Mayor Alberto Nuñez, Inspector Linden Flowers and Health Inspector Javier Alpuche.

    Any concerns, comments or complaints regarding local establishments or these amendments may be addressed in writing and mailed to the Liquor Licensing Chairman at P.O. Box 54, San Pedro Town.
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