Debbie Ann Graniel crowned Miss San Pedro Lions Queen

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 10            March 14, 2002

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Belize Lion Zone 59 Queen Luisana Nuñez, San Pedro Lions Queen 2002-2003 Debbie Ann Graniel and Miss San Pedro 2001-2002 Dilcia Trejo

Charming Debbie Ann Graniel was officially crowned San Pedro Lions Queen 2002-2003 last Saturday at a special reception held at the Lions Den. The venue was packed to capacity, as it seemed that most of the town came out to witness the coronation and dance extravaganza.

    Performing as Master of Ceremonies for this event was Eiden Salazar Jr. who first called to the stage the recently appointed San Pedro Convention Chairperson Emelida Kumul to welcome those gathered. In addressing the general public Ms. Kumul stated, "With your support, the San Pedro Lions Club will make a lasting impression at the upcoming Belize Lions Zone 59 Convention which will be held in Stann Creek."

    When the awaited moment arrived, the reigning Miss San Pedro Lions Queen Luisana Nuñez, who also holds the title of Miss Lions Zone 59 Queen, illuminated the stage with her presence. Assisting Miss Nuñez in the coronation was the ever-radiant Miss San Pedro 2001-2002 Dilcia Trejo. Luisana Nuñez thanked the San Pedro Lions Club for giving her the opportunity to represent their club both nationally and internationally. She continued saying that the experience had been very enjoyable and educational as she had the opportunity to meet with many dignitaries and make many friends. Joining this bevy of beauties on stage to present the crown and sash respectively were San Pedro Lion President Alex Eiley and his wife. In her acceptance speech, incoming queen Debbie Ann  pledged to do her best representing the San Pedro Lions Club in Stann Creek and throughout her year of reign. Miss Graniel is the daughter of Betty Ann and Mario Graniel and the granddaughter of Alan Forman, a founding member of the San Pedro Lions Club. She is also one of the original members of the San Pedro Dance Company.

    Throughout the evening the public was entertained by the talented dancers of San Pedro Dance Company, Barbara's Dance Group and command performances by the Recycled Teenagers. To wrap up the evening in style, a special dance was performed by Debbie Ann Graniel, Dilcia Trejo and Ricky Jurado. Miss Dilcia Trejo then gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the Lions members.

    Through this medium the San Pedro Lions Club would like to thank all the persons who donated the tasty food, the dancers, and all who attended. They also extend an invitation for everyone to join them at the upcoming convention on April 26th - 28th in Stann Creek.
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