ACSA "Gizmo Challenge" opens with a big "explosion"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 10            March 14, 2002

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Winners of the Gizmo Challenge

The Ambergris Caye Sports Academy (ACSA) has deemed the first "Gizmo Challenge" a huge success! Opening ceremonies for the three-day sporting event were held at the Central Park on Friday evening. Entertainment included performances by San Pedro Dance Company, Barbara's Dance Group  and a special magic show. Making magic was Mr. Mike Muskat, one of four skydivers provided by Maya Island Air, who "dropped" into San Pedro earlier that afternoon. In his own words, President Lincoln Eiley of ACSA stated, "Remember children, as you witnessed during the Aerial Sky Show, the sky is the limit. Stay in school and fulfill your dreams." Following the opening festivities, community children and youth participated in several races.

    Winners of the Friday evening 250-foot Running Races were as follows. Junior Males: 1st Place - Jose Rodriguez, 2nd Place - Coby Jeffers. Middle Junior Females: 1st Place - Martha Haylock, 2nd Place - Damara Flores; 1st Place - Isamora Bustillos, 2nd Place - Adriana Haylock; 1st Place - Elisa Budna, 2nd Place - Jamilet Cerpa. Middle Junior Males: 1st Place - Jorge Cowo, 2nd Place - Jody Leslie. Senior Males: 1st Place - Herbert Rosales, 2nd Place - Harrison James. Emerging victorious in the 250-foot Bicycle Races were the following competitors. Middle Junior Males: 1st Place - Roberto Toriz, 2nd Place - Jay Eiley; 1st Place - Jody Leslie, 2nd Place - Carlton Henderson; 1st Place - Jorge Cowo, 2nd Place - Efrain Campos; 1st Place - Maxim Pacheco, 2nd Place - Melvin Montecino; 1st Place - Leoli Varela, 2nd Place - Middleton Jamos.

    On Saturday, the Old Football Fieldwas alive with soccer players and fans. Winners of the all-day soccer competition were as follows. Junior Males: 1st Place - Superflies, 2nd Place - Brazil. Middle Junior Females: 1st Place - Dolphins, 2nd Place - Clovers. Middle Junior Males: a total of six teams played; statistics will be available next week.

    On Sunday the basketball court at Central Park was a fury of fun for all who competed. Winning teams were Middle Junior Males: 1st Place - Orange Bananas, 2nd Place - No names. Senior Females: 1st Place - Sharks, 2nd Place - Glovers Shooters. Senior Males: 1st Place - On One, 2nd Place - Cream Team. A total of six Senior Male basketball teams played. Final statistics will be available next week.

    Division ages are as follows. Juniors: ages 5-8; Middle Juniors: ages 9-12, Seniors ages: 13-17. The "Gizmo Challenge" finished on Monday, March 11th with a recreational program conducted by Recreaciones Stephenson of Guatemala at the Old Football Field. Statistics for all events were provided by ACSA.

    The ultimate goal of ACSA is to conduct fun sports activities for young children and to provide a venue for ALL children of the community to interact in a healthy environment. After school class sessions dealing with sports methodology and discipline will begin next week through programs scheduled at individual schools. The cost is $5.00BZ per student. Anyone needing further information or wishing their children to join the academy may contact trainer Palmiro Salas, or Mr. Lincoln Eiley at his office next to Western Union in the Spindrift Building or by calling 3783.

    Hats off to the ACSA for their efforts to provide a healthier environment for the children and youth of our community!
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