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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 13            April 4, 2002

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Members of Sound 31

"We want to be stars," was the reply given by the members of Sound 31, San Pedro's newest musical band, during an interview with the San Pedro Sun on their plans for the future. Sound 31, an eight-member, all-cousin band made their musical debut Easter Monday at Central Park as entertainment for the Easter Challenge sponsored by the Ambergris Caye Sports Academy and the San Pedro Dance Company. Surrounded by a multitude of "groupies" and eager adults, Sound 31 more than impressed all who were privileged to hear the band for the first time.

    The formation of the group came about after an insistent Dennisito Wolfe and Sherrie Ann Pou persuaded San Pedro's Music Maestro Dennis Wolfe to become their musical coach. Dennisito who plays the drums and Sherri, the bass player, then recruited cousins Deli Eiley (keyboard/vocals), Dymra Vasquez (keyboard/vocals), Javier Alamilla (guitar), Gina Marie Wallace (vocals), Jay Eiley (vocals/percussion) and Jaime Vasquez (guitar/vocals) into the band and they were off to stardom. Since the first week of February the group has been meeting at the Wolfe residence in the San Pablo area where they have two-hour practice sessions three to four times a week. To give them a taste of the actual live "stage" performance, Sound 31 made a special appearance at Palapa Bar on Easter Sunday where they wowed the crowd with their repertoire of three songs - La Bamba, Old Time Rock & Roll, and I'm A Believer!

    At Central Park the group's efforts were rewarded with thunderous applause as they once again played their lively songs. The public was very receptive to their performance and even asked for an encore. Proving that music will live on in San Pedro, Sound 31 hopes to include more songs as they go along and make more public appearances. Some of the songs they are looking into are the popular "Mayonesa", "El Gusanito" and "El Baile del Gorilla." 

    Much praise must be given to Dennis Wolfe for sharing his talent and for his patience with these children who, coincidentally, are all his nephews and nieces. Thumbs up to the members for their interest and determination to form the band and to their parents for supporting their children's vision. San Pedro looks forward to hearing more  great music from Sound 31!
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