Coconut Drive improvement nearly complete

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 13            April 4, 2002

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This section of Coconut Drive was almost impassable during the rainy season
The new and improved Coconut Drive

True to their word, the firm of Rojas, Schulz & Nelder completed the placing of cobblestones on a portion of Coconut Drive by the end of March, as stated in the February 28th issue of the San Pedro Sun. The placing of cobblestones in the area from the Island Super Market traveling north to the area in front of TMM commenced the last week in February and was ready by the Easter weekend. In order to achieve this, Mr. Guillermo Rojas, supervisor for the project, divided his work crew into two shifts; one during the day and another after normal hours. In addition, the crew managed to place speed bumps in four selected areas of the stretch of road to slow down traffic.

    A spokesperson from the firm of Rojas, Schulz & Nelder told this newspaper that presently only a few final touches remain. These include the placement of nine drain covers, reflective paint on the speed bumps, and rebuilding the first speed bump in front of Island Super Market. If the drain covers arrive as scheduled, it is estimated the work will be completed in one week's time.

    The cost of the upgrade of some 800 feet of Coconut Drive was estimated at $318,642.89, and was funded by the Government of Belize.
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