Dilcia Trejo - "A regal Ambassador
with a Heart of Gold"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 14            April 11, 2002

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Dilcia Trejo

Since 1955, San Pedro has annually selected a young lady to serve as its beauty ambassador. Many deserving young women have held the prestigious title of Miss San Pedro and have done a fantastic job performing at and/or attending community functions during their reign. Aside from the physical beauty, it is inner beauty that sets these ladies apart from others. This could not be more obvious than in the case of the current Miss San Pedro who has been gifted with the qualities of a true queen - Miss Dilcia Danelli Trejo. 

    On November 11th, 1983, Mirza and Roberto Trejo (deceased) celebrated the birth of their baby girl, Dilcia Danelli. Dilcia grew up in San Pedro with her brother Roberto Jr., showered by the love of a close-knit family. Although always surrounded by cousins and friends, Dilcia was quite shy and preferred to stay close to her mother and brother. At a very young age, Dilcia discovered a wealth of information in books and was fascinated with the knowledge they provided her. This "good habit" aided Dilcia with her studies while in elementary school and San Pedro High School, where she graduated with honors as an academic student in 1999. Following this, Miss Trejo moved to Belize City where she attended St. Johns College Junior College. She majored in Chemistry and Biology while at this institute, graduating with honors in 2001. Upon her return to San Pedro, Dilcia was hired as a cashier by Belize Electricity Limited; a job she has retained until now.

    Throughout the years, as Dilcia shed her timid skin she developed into a beautiful, intelligent and outgoing young woman. These qualities prompted the organizers of the Miss San Pedro Pageant to ask her to be a contestant. After talking it over with her family, Dilcia decided to compete in the 2001-2002 Miss San Pedro Pageant held last September. "I decided to enter this pageant to gain more experience in modeling which is a career I want to pursue, and to rid myself of a fear of public speaking," stated Dilcia. Miss Trejo was flawless during the pageant and by the end of the night she walked away with the title of Miss San Pedro, Miss Amity and Miss Photogenic.

   Since then, lovely Dilcia Trejo has kept busy fulfilling her duties as Miss San Pedro. What is most admirable about this young lady is that she gives freely of her time to the community, making appearances as a goodwill ambassador by serving her town's public at a variety of functions. Whether it is her participation with the San Pedro Lions Club at the Annual Senior Citizens Dinner or during the Club's Christmas Caroling, or picking a winning ticket at a local supermarket, she is always willing to do her part. Dilcia told The San Pedro Sun that she wants to take advantage of her time as Miss San Pedro to make people aware of the problems affecting the youth, and to educate the community about the growing problems facing the younger generation.

    When Dilcia finishes work at BEL and is not engaged in some social function she devotes time to her brother Roberto, who was diagnosed with microcephaly at birth. She also enjoys listening to music and reading. In the near future, Dilcia hopes to travel abroad to further her education.

    Dilcia Danelli Trejo has been able to properly balance the weight of all the responsibilities she carries on her shoulders. She is a devoted employee, a loving sister, an exemplary daughter, and a most worthy representative of the people of "La Isla Bonita". Because of her wonderful qualities, Dilcia Trejo has certainly earned her right to sit on the "throne" of "Our Community".

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