Our Community - Elito Arceo - "SEAduced by sensational surroundings"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 15            April 18, 2002

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Rebecca, Vilma, Elito and Dylan Arceo

Belize has been blessed with magnificent attractions that lure a multitude of visitors to this part of the world. Many come for the spectacular adventures available, some for rest and relaxation and others to enjoy the hospitality of the locals. Although the attractions found here are a great asset for this country, it is the warmth of the people that truly makes a visitor's day. This week The San Pedro Sun is pleased to feature one "charmer" from San Pedro who, through his business, "SEAduces" visitors into touring the wonders of Belize - Elito Arceo.

    Elito was born on February 20th, 1966 to Francisco and Vilma (deceased) Arceo who raised him with much love and affection. In the company of his three brothers and eight sisters, Elito grew up a very friendly and inquisitive young boy, thirsty for knowledge about his surroundings. Elito has very fond memories of his childhood, especially the long hours he spent swimming and fishing with his close friends, some which he still "hangs out" with today.

    After school, Elito joined other Sanpedranos aboard the Carmencita for week-long lobster fishing expeditions to the outer atolls of Belize. In time, as the fishing industry started to decline, Elito saw great potential in the tourism industry and went to work for his cousin, Martin Leslie in the tour guiding business. Over the years, Elito perfected his tour guide skills making him a "pro" at diving, fishing, site-seeing and inland tours. Elito then devoted five years of his life to guiding tourists through the magnificent beauty of the underwater world found along Belize's barrier reef working as a dive master for Reef Divers.

    On March 9th, 1995, Elito joined his life in marriage to Rebecca Vucinich,  originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. This union produced two beautiful children: Dylan (six) and Vilma (four).

    Having started a family, Elito felt he was ready to venture into a business of his own. Already he was the owner of a skiff and was armed with a wealth of experience. This prompted him to start his own tour guide business, which he named SEAduced by Belize. Although he was an excellent dive master, Elito opted for more on- land tours since he possessed a wealth of mainland information and was frustrated by not being able to talk much underwater. Elito's success with this business was no surprise as he took all the necessary measures to ensure that his clients were satisfied with his service. SEAduced by Belize soon became a recognized name on the island and a shining example of a well-managed operation.

    Unfortunately on Christmas Day last year, Elito experienced a tragic accident. During a day trip to Caye Caulker, while checking his outboard engine, a spark caused the motor to explode, causing first and second degree burns to about 24 percent of his body. Being the professional he is, Elito withstood the excruciating pain he was suffering to drive his clients back to San Pedro. Back on the island, he received emergency medical attention before being transported to Belize City and eventually the US. After many treatments and a short leave of absence from work, Elito was able to recuperate and heal.

    Elito has also served the community of San Pedro as deputy mayor and town councilor. In his spare time, he enjoys playing football and is a member of the San Pedro Veteran's Football Team. He also enjoys kayaking with his children; something he says reminds him of his childhood days.

    Because of Elito Arceo's skills - specializing in beyond ordinary adventures, it is no wonder why tourists are SEAduced into returning to Belize and "Our Community."

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