Radiothon held for fire victims

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 16            April 25, 2002

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San Pedro Town has suffered its share of tragedies over the last few years. What is comforting is the way the community bonds together in times of need and this past weekend was no exception. Relief efforts began at once last Saturday following an early morning fire which destroyed several homes and left nearly 100 people homeless. Fundraising continued throughout Sunday evening to provide assistance to the many residents who lost everything they owned. Clothing, food and shelter were the immediate concerns and a more than generous community supplied these items.

    On Sunday, a radiothon sponsored by Reef Radio was held through the combined efforts of the San Pedro Lions Club and the San Pedro Town Council. The Belize Red Cross and Belize Rural South assisted these two groups with the fundraising. San Pedro Distributors aided by managing the bar at the event and donating the profits collected.

   Reportedly over $80,000 was raised in the past week, but at last count approximately $43,000 in cash had been collected and pledges were still being received. Thumbs up to the community of San Pedro for their heartwarming response in this time of need!
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