San Pedro dancers to visit US

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 22            June 13, 2002

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Tina Lendman with the San Pedro Dance Company's "selected six"

Six lucky dancers from the San Pedro Dance Company have been selected to take part in this year's summer exchange program. During the 2002 Parent's Night held Friday evening at the Lions Den, Ms. Tina Lendman of The Dance Factory in Wisconsin, USA chose the six participants from among the intermediate group (10-11 years old). Prior to the announcement, Ms. Lendman said she wished she could take all of the dancers because they were all talented young girls. The six dancers are Alexis Guerrero, Lizett Graniel, Jean Surentine, Jessie Leslie, Monique Del Valle and Lindsey Crimmins. Members of the Dance Company then presented the dance instructor with several tokens of their appreciation. By the end of next week, the dancers selected are expected to confirm their participation in the summer exchange program. If for one reason or another they choose not to go, a substitute dancer/s will be chosen by the senior dance instructor, Ms. Rosita Balthazar.

    Ms. Lendman has returned to Wisconsin to make all the necessary preparations to welcome the island dancers who will be hosted by a family from Wisconsin. The dancers will travel to the US in July for a two-week dance course which includes jazz, modern pop and ballet lessons. Aside from their rigorous training schedules, they will also visit some of the more popular sites and amusement parks in Wisconsin.

    This is the fourth group of local dancers to travel abroad since the beginning of the summer exchange program in 1999. This instruction is designed to enhance the dancer's skills and introduce them to a variety of new techniques. After they return, the girls share their skills and knowledge with their "sisters," improving the comp-any's overall performances.

    The San Pedro Sun congratulates the San Pedro Dance Company for a wonderful show and wishes the "select six" all the best!
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