San Pedro dancers depart for training in the US

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 28            July 25, 2002

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Members of the San Pedro/Wisconsin dance exchange program

For the fourth consecutive year, members of the San Pedro Dance Company will be receiving two-weeks of dance training in the US. Alexis Guerrero, Monique Del Valle, Jessie Leslie, Lizzett Graniel, Gene Seruntine and Lindsey Crimmins were the six lucky dancers of the Intermediate Advance Group chosen to travel abroad as part of the dancer's exchange program formed with The Dance Factory of Wisconsin.

    Accompanying the island dancers on this trip were Tina Lendman of The Dance Factory and three of her dancers who were visiting the island. The group departed from San Pedro via Maya Island Air on Tuesday, July 23rd en route to Miami and then onto Chicago from where they will be transported to Wisconsin via limousine. In Wisconsin, the dancers will be hosted by individual families

    During their stay in the States, the San Pedro dancers will engage in different types of dance classes including modern, tap and ballet. They will also visit several points of interest and entertainment centers in the US.

    Through this medium, the San Pedro Dance Company wishes to thank Ms. Tina Lendman for her continued support of the dance company. Special thanks to all the families in San Pedro who hosted the dancers from Wisconsin and to the parents of the dancers in the exchange program for financially supporting this program.

    The San Pedro Sun joins the community in wishing the dancers the best of luck and a happy journey until their return on August 7th.
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