ACCC begins beautifying Barrier Reef Drive

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 2            January 23, 2003

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ACCC crew beautifying portion of Barrier Reef Drive

On Monday morning the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce (ACCC) began its long-awaited landscaping project on the first block of Barrier Reef Drive. The work presently taking place in front of the San Pedro Library, will continue north to Sunrise Realty and has the full support of the San Pedro Town Council, Ambergris Caye Traffic Committee and Area Representative.

    According to Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce Chairman and Project Supervisor Tom Vidrine, the San Pedro Town Council has given the ACCC the go ahead for this project which will serve as an "experiment." If the finished project is satisfactory, the ACCC hopes to continue the same improvements the entire length of Barrier Reef Drive.

    The initial phase of the project is being funded through generous contributions from the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce ($5,000), Area Representative Patty Arceo ($1,600), Mata Chica Resort ($500) and the businesses of that area (Mango's Restaurant and Sunrise Realty).

  Mr. Vidrine told The San Pedro Sun that the finished project will boast a leveled street complete with a six-foot-wide sand sidewalk with wooden borders on the Roman Catholic School streetside. The sidewalk will continue across Tarpon Street at a lower elevation to serve as a speed bump. The project also includes plans to level the alley that runs east from Coconut Drive (behind the RC School) to the sea. This area, Mr. Vidrine explained, will serve as a short cut to and from Coconut Drive and allow golf carts and bicycles (only) to travel to town by this route, hopefully alleviating the traffic congestion in that area. A fresh coat of paint is being applied to the fences at the library and at Esmeralda Park, and a second entrance to the park was created. A diagonal parking area is also being established on the east side of Barrier Reef Drive in front of the school. "This will create a much-needed parking area when Barrier Reef Drive is closed to vehicular traffic during the weekend," Mr. Vidrine stated.

     Following the completion of the sidewalk and parking area, the landscaping will begin. Riverwalk Gardens of San Pedro Town has pledged to donate $500 worth of plants for the project with the balance to be paid by the ACCC.  Although the beautification project is in its initial stages it has already motivated businesses in that area to renovate, making their surroundings look more aesthetically pleasing as well.

    The BoatYard furnished the tractor and tools for this project, and the San Pedro Town Council provided the backhoe used to level the street. Mr. Vidrine ended by saying that he hopes that this project will become a reality throughout Barrier Reef Drive and encourages all business to support the ACCC's efforts to make "La Isla" more "Bonita".

    The San Pedro Sun salutes all the individuals and businesses who are working together for the benefit of this project.
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