Child Stimulation Month activities continue

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 10            March 20, 2003

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Marina Kay of Little Angels' Pre-School with students on Cultural Day
San Pedro Pre-schools participate in Sports Day

Child Stimulation Month activities continued to entertain island pre-schoolers last week. Planned activities such as Cultural Day and Sports Day taught the children cultural diversity and good sportsmanship.

     It is best to teach children at more impressionable ages how to be more accepting of others, to avoid learned behaviors such as discrimination and racism. Last Wednesday, Marina Kay's students, from the Little Angels' Pre-School, came to school dressed in cultural costumes depicting ethnic groups such as the Mestizo, Creole, and East Indians, who reside in Belize. Also, each child was asked to bring cultural music, a musical instrument, or a food item from one of these ethnic groups, enabling the teachers to show their students how each is special and individual.

    While, it is important for children to learn friendly competition, it is not all about winning. More than 150 parents, teachers and students from San Pedro's three pre-schools gathered together for Sports Day last Friday at the Old Football Field. ABC Pre-school, San Pedro Pre-School, and Little Angels Pre-School joined together to participate in games such as: three-legged race, lime and spoon, and the bottle-drinking contest. Sports Day was held to show the children how to have friendly competition where there are no winners, only fun and games.
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