Sgt. Moreira named new "Coastal Executive Officer" for the Cayes

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 26            July 10, 2003

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Sergeant James Moreira

Effective from July 1st, 2003, San Pedro's new Officer-in-Charge of the San Pedro Police Station is Sergeant James Moreira. Originally from Dangriga, Sergeant Moreira joined the police in 1975, after playing football for the police team.  

    Moreira first worked in the serious crimes division presently the "Anti-Drug Unit" in Orange Walk. He then acted as uniform police officer for six years, working in the villages of August Pine Ridge, San Felipe, Blue Creek and Trinidad, all situated in Orange Walk District.

   The Sergeant was then transferred to Dangriga, where he was employed in Seine Bight, Mango Creek and other surrounding villages doing undercover investigation work. Four years later, he was transferred to Belize City where he worked as a traffic officer and at the Criminal Investigations Branch for seven years.

     On August 15th, 2002 Sergeant Moreira was transferred once again, but this time to San Pedro to work as a non-commissioned officer. He is responsible for supervising the San Pedro Police Station, and acting as the prosecuting officer at local court proceedings. Currently the Sergeant is doing the job of an inspector, as he has assumed the title of Coastal Executive Officer for San Pedro and Caye Caulker. In September, after fulfilling all the requirements, he hopes to be promoted to the rank of inspector.

     Mr. Moreira's message to the community is: "I expect the public to work with the police and also for the police to work with the public. Also, please do not be afraid of the police and if you are, communicate this to me personally, so I may offer assistance and advice." Mr. Moreira assures residents that he is capable of performing the job of an inspector and will make San Pedro as free of crime as possible. He also mentioned that the San Pedro Police Department works closely with other local agencies, such as the San Pedro Town Council, the San Pedro Immigration Office, the San Pedro Transport Office and the San Pedro Customs Office.

     The San Pedro Sun joins the community of San Pedro in congratulating Sergeant James Moreira on his new appointment.

    Anyone wishing to report a crime or suspicious activity is urged to contact the San Pedro Police Department at 226-2022.
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