Esric Flowers - SP Police Officer of the Month

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 30            August 7, 2003

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Officer of the Month Esric Flowers

In order to solve the crime problem in San Pedro, police officers put a lot of effort into their job. Everyday police activities involve investigating burglaries, solving murders, making arrests and risking their own lives. Efforts are underway to make a more police friendly community by establishing an "Officer of the Month" at the San Pedro Police Department.

     This week, The San Pedro Sun is pleased to present the Officer of the Month for July - Esric Flowers. Esric is originally from Roaring Creek in the Cayo District. He has been a uniform police officer for the past three years, and came to San Pedro in November 2001. Officer Flowers was awarded a cash prize of $500 for being chosen as Officer of the Month. When interviewed about how he felt, Esric said, "I feel very excited and happy to have received this award. I want to encourage other police officers to work harder and to follow my example."

     The minimum wage that police officers are paid is $9,600 per year. Some people who were concerned over this issue, devised a plan, and consulted SP Officer in Charge James Moreira about naming an officer of the month. Several members of the community have now come together to supplement the income of these officers who invest so much in keeping our town safe. "You get what you give" commented one individual, who added if you respect the service the police provide and reward these officers for it, this incentive will come back to the community in overall performance and efforts. This will be done in order to show appreciation to the police officers for the difficult task they are performing on the island. The officer of the month will be awarded a cash prize as well as his picture framed and displayed at the police station.

     When interviewed by The San Pedro Sun, Sergeant Moreira stated that he will choose a police officer to represent the San Pedro Police Department "Officer of The Month."  He also commented that in order to become the Officer of the Month, there are some specific requirements that the police officer must meet, such as: (1) a police officer must be devoted to the job, (2) a police officer must not be disciplined within the month, (3) a police officer should be tidy at his work, (4) a police officer should be punctual and (5) a police officer must be effective in doing his duties.

     Anyone wishing to donate to this award may contact the police department at telephone 226-2022. Any help given would be greatly appreciated.
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