Our Community - Dr. Daniel Gonzalez - "San Pedro's most dedicated 'delivery' man"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 33            September 12, 2003

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Dr. Daniel Gonzalez

Since diseases and other body ailments are wide spread among children and adults, doctors are in great demand in Belize. Especially on an island like Ambergris Caye, it is crucial that physicians be readily available during emergencies, not only for residents, but for the increasing number of tourists who visit every year. For this reason and more, The San Pedro Sun is happy to feature Doctor Daniel Gonzalez, a fine physician and the proud owner of Ambergris Hopes Clinic and Pharmacy.

    Daniel Benjamin Gonzalez was born on December 30th, 1965, on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, to parents Matilde Valdez and Secundino Gonzalez. Growing up with three sisters and two brothers, Daniel attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School until 1978. After graduating from San Pedro High School in 1982, he studied for two years in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In 1985, Daniel received a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Agriculture.

     The following year, Daniel decided to pursue a career in medicine and began his education at San Carlos University in Guatemala. In 1993, after studying in Guatemala for five years, Daniel came back to Belize with a Degree in General Medicine and went to work at the Corozal Hospital for one year.

     In 1994, Daniel returned to his birthplace, as a medical practitioner, providing health services for the community out of a private clinic at the Island Plaza. Only one thing seemed to be missing in his life and that void was soon filled with the birth of his son, Daniel Alberto Gonzalez, who is presently five years old.

     In 1998, after four years of delivering babies in San Pedro, Daniel decided that he wanted to specialize in this particular field of medicine. He spent the first two years in Mexico City and then continued his education in Merida, Mexico, where he focused his studies on gynecology and obstetrics. Daniel also spent one year training in the fields of gynecology, oncology, prenatology and fertility in Guissen, Germany. All the years of study finally paid off in March of 2003, when he was able to introduce himself as Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, Obstetrician/Gynecologist.

     On April 14th, 2003, Daniel Gonzalez opened his own private clinic, Ambergris Hopes Clinic and Pharmacy, in San Pedro Town. Daniel commented that he chose the name because "it is providing hope to the people who are sick." Besides obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Gonzalez continues to practice general medicine.

     When he is not working, the doctor's hobbies include reading, playing football and going fishing. Daniel also volunteers his time with the San Pedro SeaHawks semi-professional football team and on the San Pedro Lands Committee.

     Dr. Daniel Gonzalez has returned to stay, and dedicated his life to alleviating suffering and preventing the spread of disease. For his commitment to providing first-rate health care in "La Isla Bonita," locals and visitors alike are pleased that "the doctor is in" - "Our Community."

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