Our Community - Marcelino "Lino" Ancona - "Making the 'cut' in San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 37            October 9, 2003

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Marcelino "Lino" Ancona

San Pedro Town is home to an endless number of dedicated people who serve to make the community a better place, and give back what they get from the island. Many residents spend a part of their lives completing training courses or attending colleges or universities to accomplish their goals. Whether their interests lie in politics, tourism or business, these spirited people strive for a good education, to help fulfill their dreams. This week, The San Pedro Sun is pleased to introduce a man who has successfully followed this course Mr. Marcelino "Lino" Ancona.

    Lino was born in San Pedro Town on January 27th, 1972 to Matilda and Marcelino Ancona Sr. As a child, Lino always wanted to stand out in some way and at the age of eleven he was given the opportunity to take his first step into the future. He began working part-time at Lizarraga's Meat Shop, where he was responsible for the proper maintenance of the meat processing machines. Lino continued to work at Lizarraga's for almost six years, familiarizing himself with the business. Then, during his years at San Pedro High School, Lino accepted another chance to put his hands on more meat processing machines, by working at Chico's Meat Shop for one year.

    After graduating from San Pedro High School in 1988, Lino was offered a job at Caribeña Producers Cooperative. In 1990, the company granted him a scholarship to attend the Nova Scotia School of Fisheries in Nova Scotia, Canada. There, Lino completed a one-month course and received a certificate of completion in air-conditioning and refrigeration installation and repair. Upon his return to the island, he was able to use this knowledge attained in Canada along with his basic skills to improve his work at Caribeña Cooperative.

    It was during this time at the Co-op, that Lino met Ilda, a young lady who would eventually become an important part of his life. On January 26, 1990, Lino and Ilda confirmed their commitment to each other by sharing wedding vows. After two years of marriage, Ilda discovered that she had been blessed with the wonderful gift of life. On October 24th, 1992, Ilda gave birth to her first little princess, Kristy.

    Following the joy of his first-born, Marcelino's dreams of starting his own business became a reality. In 1993, he opened the doors of his new business, Lino's Meat Shop. With the knowledge he had gathered over the years, Lino installed his own machines, freezers and coolers, and began selling beef, pork, chicken, and processed meats to the public. Putting much of his time and effort into the business, Lino was able to excel. On the side, he was also able to enjoy earning extra income by repairing electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, coolers, etc.

    As the years passed, Lino's business grew and so did his family. On December 15th, 1998, Marcelino and Ilda welcomed their second precious little girl into the world with the birth of baby Jailine. Lino's spare time is now dedicated to spending time with all of his "girls."

    Keeping his eye on the future, in 2001, Marcelino traveled to the United States, to complete additional training in meat processing through the Koch College Seminars on Processing Techniques, in Kansas.

    To show his appreciation for the success he has found over the years, Lino does his part by making charitable donations to the community: sponsoring school trips, local sports, or a needy family. Whether it is through his time or business, what is certain is that Lino does a wonderful job providing services to "meat" the needs of "Our Community".

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