SPTC renovates Town Hall

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 39            October 23, 2003

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The San Pedro Town Hall will be closed today Thursday, October 23rd due to a remodeling project, which will result in two additional offices and a new roof. The idea for this project arose from a meeting between Mayoress Elsa Paz, the San Pedro Town Councilors and Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. It was agreed that the Town Hall offices were somewhat small and only comfortably held five to six visitors at a time, unlike most government offices that provide spacious accommodations for both employees and the public. It was decided to commence renovations to the office area in order to make the town hall environment more efficient and comfortable.

    According to Town Administrator Alberto Villanueva Jr., the phases  for this construction consist of: Phase I - Addition of two offices. This will make it easy to transform the office into a Command Center during natural disasters and provide room for additional San Pedro Town Council staff, if necessary. After Phase I is completed, the back half of the building will house offices for the comptroller, the accountant, the Mayor and the Town Administrator's office. The front of the town hall that faces Barrier Reef Drive will serve as the receptionist's office and conference room. Phase II consists of installing a new roof on the remainder of the building.

    The total amount needed for this project is $150,000. Estimates were forwarded to Minister of Finance Ralph Fonseca, who stated that his ministry is willing to provide the Town Council with $25,000 if they are able to match that amount. The Town Council not only matched the Ministry of Finance monies, they were able to gather more than the said amount. If the initial building renovations pass a Ministry of Works' inspection, more funding from the government is possible.

    The construction began on October 9th, 2003, and both phases are scheduled for completion by December 2003.

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