Ambergris Caye enjoys a howling Halloween

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 41            November 6, 2003

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ABC Pre-School costume contest participants

All over the world people of different countries and different cultures celebrate Halloween; the time of the year when many don costumes and try to scare the pants off anyone they choose as their prey. Black and orange decorations, witches, bats, black cats, ghosts and pumpkins adorn the town of San Pedro, as Halloween is celebrated with much revelry. The usual "haunts" such as the Holiday Hotel, trim their establishment with lavish decorations, and invite local ghosts and witches, as well as visitors to join in this spooky occasion.
Aliens land in San Pedro
Louie L'Artiste and his Hollywood Starlet pose at Holiday Hotel
Holiday Hotel's Grand Prize Winner
"Beauty in the Beast"
LIFE's most scariest and prettiest costumes

    Last weekend, adults and children, tourists and locals enjoyed a howling good time at the many activities held in San Pedro Town. On Thursday evening, the students of Lydia's Institute of Fine Education (LIFE) held their Halloween Fair at the school grounds. The San Pedro Sun paid a visit and found ghosts chasing princesses and fairies, and a haunted room filled with traps and goblins. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the winning costumes. Chosen were: Vince Pascasio - Scariest Costume depicting a man with a disfigured face; Kaira Vasquez - Cutest Costume depicting a rainbow princess; and Roceli Muñoz - Most Original Costume depicting a scary ghost. LIFE's Halloween fair was a success and enjoyed by all who attended.

    On Halloween day, ABC Pre-School kicked off their celebrations with the traditional "trick or treat." All of the school's students and friends who joined the scary crew, haunted the streets of San Pedro visiting stores and businesses in search of "something sweet to eat". The children then gathered at the Lions Den for the ABC Pre-School Halloween Bazaar. The fair was infested with ghosts, witches, and devils running about scaring each other. There were many games for the little goblins to play, and prizes were awarded for the following: Most Original - Javier Williams Jr. - Jack the Ripper, Most Creative - Axel Canul - Vampire, and Rochel Hancock - Spider, Cutest - Gillian Paz - Mermaid, and Eileen Reyes - Pumpkin.

    The San Pedro Roman Catholic School also held their annual "spooky" Halloween Bazaar at the school grounds. There were plenty of fun games, and a variety of delicious food and drinks, to be enjoyed by the entire family. The main event was the selection of a Miss Halloween 2003-2004 from each level of the school. The winners were: Lower Division - Shaniel Velasquez, Middle Division - Janelle Alvarez, and Upper Division - Tiara Castillo. The costume winners were: Scariest - Rina Godoy, Most Original - Elina Gomez, Prettiest - Roshel Fuentes, and Funniest - Valmont Marin.  

    The Island Academy also held their own frightening event, with students competing to win prizes for best costumes. All of Island Academy's students went to school Friday morning completely covered in make-up and costumes, but only these few were chosen as winners: 1st place - Ramon Nuñez - Dead soldier, 2nd place - Magdalena Wendling - Dead cheerleader, 3rd place Davelle Garrett - Jack the Ripper, and the Judges' Favorite - Chloe Phillips Hayden - The Kitty. Following the competition, the entire school participated in "trick or treat."  

    Not even ghastly weather could keep the creatures of the night away from Holiday Hotel's Halloween Party last Friday. Donning their most grisly and gruesome disguises, specters and spirits of the dark provided much entertainment during the night. Winning the Grand Prize for Most Creative was Tula Ayuso for her costume, "Beauty in the Beast." Other wonderful prizes were awarded to the following: Scariest - Esneda Warner as the "Thriller Chick," Most Elegant - Glen and Colleen Schwendinger as "Louis L'Artiste and his Hollywood Starlet," Funniest - Rebecca Berlin as the frantic owner of missing dog "Fluffy," Manager's Favorite - Marlon Martinez as the "Dead Prisoner," Judges' Favorite - Eli Perly and Vidal Castillo as the "Aliens," and Group Theme - Miki Kim, Kristen Stelljes, Laurie Smith and Cordelia Shal as the "Dancing Queens."
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