Belizeans Tired of Losing income

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 45            December 4, 2003

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It is crystal clear to anyone who uses a phone, or attempts to access E-mail or Internet, that Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL), the people's monopoly communications service provider, is either unwilling or incapable of delivering reliable access to any of the above services. BTL is a company extremely rich in excuses and profits but extremely poor in providing the basic services which we pay so dearly for. It is time for the elected officials of our country (who use another communications provider) to cancel BTL's communications license due to their inability to provide the service for which their license was granted, and allow a company that has the expertise to provide these services to buy them out. Allowing other companies to interconnect with the system in place will solve nothing and will only compound the existing problems and multiply consumers' frustrations.

    Anyone who is frustrated by the loss of income due to the deplorable service of this communications provider should try to call, or attempt to E-mail, Prime Minister Said Musa or the Public Utilities Commission to register a formal complaint against BTL.
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