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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 28            August 12, 2004

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Members of DNA

Last weekend, residents and visitors of San Pedro Town witnessed the grand debut of one of the island’s newest musical bands – DNA. This talented trio: David Aguilar, Nestor Rivero, and Alex Noralez, bring to the island a new style of music – a combination of Reggaeton, Dancehall, Rockers, Cumbia, Merengue, and Soca. The mixture of these beats combined with DNA’s original lyrics are the perfect recipe for one of Belize’s most successful bands.

    The San Pedro Sun had the distinct pleasure of being one of the first media houses to interview this band. During an informal chat, it was learned that the group chose the name DNA because all three members "had music in their genes (DNA)" or in their blood. Coincidentally, it is also the first letter of each of the band members’ first names.

    David Aguilar who is the band’s second lead singer, and plays the keyboard, guitar and bass, is the son of Oscar Aguilar, another gifted resident better known as "The Golden Voice of San Pedro." Nestor Rivero, the drum and keyboard player, has musical roots as well from his father Virgilio Rivero, a talented island musician recognized for his participation in the band "Los Chavos." Alex Noralez is the lead singer and also plays the bass, keyboard, and drums. Alex has lived his life surrounded by music. He says his main inspiration was his brother Carlos (deceased), who was a renowned musician in Honduras.

    Although these three musicians are young, they are no strangers to the music industry. David, Nestor, and Alex were childhood friends who, since they were little children, would get together to "beat buckets" at Nestor’s house, playing the role of successful musicians. This story of their childhood days served as the inspiration for the band’s theme song "DNA" which is included on the CD. Their musical aspirations first began to take shape when they formed part of the 1994 San Pedro High School Band. Having tasted the glory of playing music to a crowd, the trio felt they wanted to have a recording band. Although being part of the high school band was rewarding, in time, the group continuously changed band members and this eventually frustrated the three friends.

    After the high school band disintegrated, the trio stayed together in the hopes of achieving their musical goals. Nevertheless, financing was always a problem and to make matters worse, David Aguilar’s musical equipment (which the trio used to practice with) was completely destroyed by Hurricane Keith. Devastated by this last incident, the group went their separate ways, but always held onto the possibility of having their own band again someday. In 1996, Alex Noralez left the island to attend college in the USA but upon his return a year later, the group came together once again, recruited other members, and formed the Unity Band. For two years, this band entertained at many town functions and private parties.

    After ten years of chasing their dream, David, Nestor, and Alex are finally making it a reality with DNA. In January of this year, with initial support from musician Tim Budd, DNA started recording their first CD entitled "Corazón Delincuente" in a makeshift studio at Accent Designs. All of the songs on the CD are the original work and inspiration of the members of DNA, with the exception of the last track (a bonus track) which was written by Natalie Arceo with music composed by Alex Noralez. Included on the compact disc are the following songs that are quickly becoming the public’s favorites: "Distancia," "Maria," and "Mamà" which is dedicated to Alex’s mom who recently passed away. The twelve-song CD is tentatively scheduled to be launched on the island this weekend.

    Specific details such as cost and availability of "Corazón Delincuente" are still in the planning stage but the members of DNA are appealing to the public to buy original copies when the CD becomes available. Through this medium, the members of DNA would like to publicly thank Nancy’s Supermarket for their financial assistance, and Reef Radio for donating the first 200 blank CDs. Also, special thanks are extended to Sergio Gomez for his patience and dedication to this project.

    DNA made their first public appearance last week during the "Good Morning San Pedro" television/radio show. The band also performed during Cultural Night at the International Costa Maya Festival. "We have always played together, but this time, performing our own songs, was a totally different experience," the members of DNA told The San Pedro Sun. "We are thankful to God for the blessings he has bestowed upon us. Our ultimate goal is to conquer the Latin American market and eventually the international market," the trio ended.

    With their determination, talent and drive, David, Nestor, and Alex of DNA are sure to become "Shining Stars" in this vast musical universe. Hats off to these talented musicians!

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