Dilcia Trejo named 1st runner-up in Queen of the Bay Pageant

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 32            September 9, 2004

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Dilcia curtsies to the crowd
Queen of the Bay 2004-2005 Sherima Usher

For only the second time since its inception, a delegate from San Pedro represented "La Isla Bonita" at Belize's Queen of the Bay Pageant. With much pride and honor, the enchanting Dilcia Trejo made her presence felt at this prestigious affair bringing home the title of first runner-up. With "fifty-eight years in unbroken line," this year's gala event was held last Saturday, September 4th at the Belize City Center. The 2004-2005 Queen of the Bay title went to Miss Sherima Usher of Stann Creek District.

    From start to finish, Dilcia Trejo won the hearts of the audience, putting San Pedro in the top five semi-finalists. All smiles throughout the night, lovely Miss Trejo wowed the crowd during all parts of the competition. For the talent segment, Dilcia enlightened the audience with the true meaning of patriotism as she performed a monologue entitled, "The Flag of the Free." For this portion of the event, Miss Trejo donned a red and blue flowing outfit, accented by the Belizean flag flying freely from her left arm. She very eloquently paid homage to the flag as she described the meaning of its colors and emblem. Dilcia also paid tribute to our forefathers for their valiance and honor as they fought for our rights.  

    The thunderous sounds of trumpets then echoed throughout the City Center to announce the arrival of the reigning queen as she took her rightful place on the throne. Escorted by trumpeters and "paper boys," (Queen's servants) the lovely Shajira Sajia gave her farewell speech, thanking the pageant committee and all those who supported her during her past year of service. 

    During the formal segment, Dilica's beauty was accented by a stunning white gown, and that smile that seemed to illuminate the stage. Dilcia was indeed the true picture of a beauty queen looking quite regal and majestic as she curtsied to her Graciousness, Queen of the Bay, Shajira Sajia and then to the audience.

    Talented Belizean singer Dejon Tucker then serenaded the delegates with the pageant's theme song "Beautiful Queen of the Bay." Prior to the winner being announced, Sherima Usher of Stann Creek was voted Miss Amity, and Darena Rodriguez of Sandhill was voted Miss Photogenic. It was then the moment of truth as the mistresses of ceremonies were ready to name the top three winners. The crowd went silent as they anxiously awaited the results. And then, the announcement came, "Second runner up, Miss Jasmine Anderson of Placencia; First runner up from ‘La Isla Bonita' Miss Dilcia Trejo; and the Queen of the Bay designate Miss Sherima Usher of Stann Creek!" 

    Through this medium, Miss San Pedro Queen of the Bay representative Dilcia Trejo would like to thank Mayor Elsa Paz and the San Pedro Town Council for sponsoring her, and the Belize Rural South Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. for his support. She also extends special thanks to all of her fans who were present at the event, to her family and to those who called to encourage her during the pageant.

    The San Pedro Sun sends special congratulations to Dilcia Trejo for a most excellent presentation at this event – she is a true Belizean Queen!

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