Time to move on by Dan and Eileen Jamison

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 34            October 7, 2004

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They say that when one door closes, another one opens. The September 16th edition of The San Pedro Sun was our last newspaper, and so, after 6½ years, we have closed the door on this chapter of serving the community of Ambergris Caye. It has truly been like a roller coaster ride: full of thrills and excitement, highs and lows, screams and laughter. With this edition, Ron and Tamara Sniffin take over the reins as the new owners/editors of The San Pedro Sun.

   It seems like yesterday that we landed on this beautiful island, filled with dreams and ambitions of living in paradise. Since we had no plans, we were never disappointed. When the late Herman Smith asked us if we wanted to buy a newspaper, our first reaction was, "Yeah, right." Armed with absolutely no experience, (besides placing a classified to sell all our stuff to move here), sporting high school educations, and having bought our first computer six months prior to this, we decided we would give it a try. Three weeks later, we made the commitment – we were going to be the owners/editors of a Central American newspaper!

    How ironic that we began our new adventure on April Fools’ Day 1998. With spirit, determination, and a lot of help from friends, the paper entered a new era. Those who promised their support came through with the columns needed to fill it each week – Dennis Wolfe with the "Woofer," Elbert Greer with "Birds of Belize," Diane Campbell with "Real Estate Corner," and the Archaeologist Herman Smith ("every word a pearl," may he rest in peace) with "Dig It." As promised, they helped us with our mission: to inform, educate and entertain.

   Along with the columnists, came the commitment of our advertisers, without whose financial support the newspaper would not be possible. Equal to this was the encouragement we received from those who began to believe in us and who eventually came to trust in us, knowing that we had the best interests of the community at heart. With assistance from Ambergris Caye’s most cherished web master, Marty Casado, The San Pedro Sun web site became the number one Internet site for Ambergris Caye and remains so to this day.

   Most importantly, along the way we made many more friends than enemies and for this we are very thankful. We extend our most heartfelt gratitude to our Associate Editor Felix Ayuso Jr., for his friendship, loyalty and devotion throughout all of these years. Our best wishes and appreciation as well, to Kainie Manuel who joined the team in January and has already made her mark. We also wish Tamara and Ron all the best and much success in their "new adventure."

   Our goal was to provide a newspaper that we could be proud of and that would serve the needs of our readers. We hope you have enjoyed reading our newspaper as much as we have enjoyed producing it for you, but we must now move forward to our next adventure, here in paradise.

   To our advertisers, our readers, our columnists, our contributors, our business associates and our friends: We thank all of you for making The San Pedro Sun the #1 newspaper available on Ambergris Caye. It has been a pleasure working with, and serving you.

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