Belikin Spectacular Blue Water Fishing Tournament

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 35            October 14, 2004

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A 28 pound Wahoo captured the prize for heaviest in that category.
Hundreds gathered at the Belize Yacht Club pier to hope to get a glimpse of prize winning fish as boats and anglers bring in their catch.
This angler took the prize for heaviest dolphin fish at nearly ten pounds.
Trevor Roe (left) stands with the crew of the Camelot. Roe landed a 43 1/2 pound Sailfish to help Camelot win the $3,000 grand prize for catching the most fish during the 12th Annual Belikin Fishing Tournament.
Robert Hyde weighs another tuna while John Crump, Captain of the Camelot watches.
The boat Freedom weighed in nine tuna during the first day of the tournament.

The boat Freedom weighed in nine tuna during the first day of the tournament.

    Deep-sea anglers, along with an eager audience, gathered at the Belize Yacht Club (BYC) last weekend for the 12th annual Belikin Spectacular Blue Water Fishing Tournament. Belikin Beer and the Belize Yacht Club sponsored the event, which was held over the Pan American Day Holiday weekend.

    This year 24 boats competed, all hoping to win the "big bucks." The tournament offered over $100,000 in cash awards along with other prizes and trophies. Hopeful participants competed to win the most prestigious awards Top Boat and heaviest Marlin. Top Boat honor came with a $3000 cash prize and should a lucky angler hook the heaviest Marlin, the winner would receive $1,500.

    On Saturday and Sunday afternoon crowds gathered on the pier at the Belize Yacht Club, everyone anticipating the catches that would soon come in. According to tournament regulations, all fishing lines had to be out of the water by 5:00 PM and all boats had to return to the dock no later than 8:00 PM. Many boats returned by 6:00 PM and excited onlookers watched as large fish were unloaded and weighed. Some of the returning crews were excited about their day out fishing, while others complained that they were disappointed. Adults and children alike enjoyed getting a look at the variety of fish that were brought in, and there was much conversation about what kind of fish they were looking at. Others estimated out-loud what the fish would weigh and friendly bets were placed. Laughter and festivity added to the excitement as tournament officials weighed, measured and recorded qualifying fish.

    The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday, when officials were informed by radio that a large sailfish had been bagged near St. Georges Caye, just prior to the 5:00 PM deadline. Most of the crowd had gone home by the time the boat "Camelot" docked, bringing in a 43-pound sailfish. The excited angler, Trevor Roe, proudly posed with beautiful blue fish while The San Pedro Sun photographed the happy occasion.

    The awards banquet, held at the Belize Yacht Club on Sunday evening, was hopping with happy anglers and partiers. People danced and enjoyed the libations, provided by Belikin Beer.
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