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Tropic Air celebrates 25 years

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 36            October 21, 2004

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Tropic Air President John E. Greif III (left) and Manager Dennis Sunderman talk about the new Cessna Caravan airplane during a ceremony at the San Pedro airport to commemorate Tropic Air's 25th Anniversary.
Lucy Marin has worked for Tropic Air for over 20 years. She is the most senior employee at the company. She says the biggest change she has seen "The planes keep getting bigger."
Tropic Air President John E Greif receives a Certificate of Air Worthiness for the new Cessna Caravan aircraft presented by Russell Manzanero, Sub-Director of Civil Aviation Department.
Channel 7's Alfonso Noble interviews John Greif III. Many members of the Belize media were flown into San Pedro for the event.

From a small, three-seat aircraft to a fleet of nine planes today, Tropic Air has come a long way in 25 years. Standing in front of a brand new Cessna Caravan aircraft valued at over three million dollars, John E. Greif III and his San Pedro based staff, helped celebrate Tropic Airs anniversary by inaugurating the new aircraft. I feel the success of Tropic Air is because of the loyal and dedicated employees and the emphasis they put on safety and giving exceptional customer service, Mr. Greif told the nearly 20 reporters and photographers attending the event, many of whom were flown in from Belize City on the new plane.

     During the celebration, Mr. Greif reflected on Tropic Airs history. Tropic is flying through remarkably different times than we did 25 years ago when this company was founded. The threat of global communism and nuclear war no longer hangs over our heads. Democracy is breaking out worldwide and private funds have put a man into space. Incredible! he exclaimed.

     The new aircraft has state of the art radio and navigation equipment and a dual Global Positioning System (GPS). These new features will improve the safety and efficiency of the aircraft, said Dennis Sunderman, Tropic Air Manager and Customer and Employees Services. Painted on the tail of the new plane is a special 25th Anniversary logo.

     Tropic Air now flies 100 flights a day throughout Belize and into Guatemala. It is very different today than what we had envisioned, said Mr. Greif. As an example, he said, a businessman in Punta Gorda can go spend a day in Corozal and be back home for supper, which was something we were really striving for and was hard to do. Another example of how aviation has changed Belize is that now a tourist can fly into Flores, Guatemala, take a tour of Mayan ruins and be back in their hotel room in Belize that same night.

     John Greif stated that considering how far Tropic Air has come in the past 25 years, who knows where we will be in another 25 years! He added jokingly, when I mention that recently private funds put a man into space, maybe in 25 years this may be the space port of the tropics.

     The San Pedro Sun congratulates Tropic Air in their 25th Anniversary and wishes them the absolute best in the years to come!

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