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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 44            December 16, 2004

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The San Pedro Sun Visitor Guide, is an exciting new addition to The San Pedro Sun. This new publication will provide visitors to San Pedro timely information about activities on the island along with helpful pointers to make their trip the most enjoyable possible. "Our goal is to get the Visitor Guide into the hands of every visitor every week," said Ron Sniffin, San Pedro Sun Editor. "We will be giving the resorts enough Visitors Guides for every room on the island," added Sniffin. It will also be distributed through the airlines. The new San Pedro Sun Visitor Guide will be included in every edition of The San Pedro Sun which is sold in stores throughout Ambergris Caye and Belize. And of course the Visitors Guide will also be mailed to all of The San Pedro Sun subscribers countrywide, and to the USA, England,

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Local artwork enrich island experience

Visitors and residents of San Pedro will have an opportunity to view and purchase unique works of art painted by local artists.

Central Park is the location where numerous paintings will be on display through the Christmas season. The exhibit showcases a variety of styles including primatism, realistic and "bold pallet knife." From bold to subtle, the art conveys a variety of scenes ranging from island and jungle scenes to impressionistic.

Some of the more renowned local artists participating in the event are: Edwardo Papo Alamilla, Marcos Larios, Walter Castillo, George Landero, Eruterio Carillo, Daniel Solis and Fred Trejo.

Carlos Bardalez is acting as curator for the exhibit. He said the local artists plan to paint the Mayan Fountain on the edge of Central Park, "as a way to give something back to the community," said Bardalez. When complete, the pedestal will depict a historical collage of Ambergris Caye. He said the Town Council is not charging rent for the use of the space.

Sales were brisk over the weekend. Paintings can be purchased from $80 and up. The art will be on display from 9 AM to 9 PM every day at least through Christmas.
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