Charity Dread Auction

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 1            January 6, 2005

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Christmas Eve is known as a night of giving and generosity, and this year was no exception. Moose, a local resident, organized a special Christmas Eve Dreadlock Auction at Fido's Courtyard to raise funds by auctioning his 47 long dreads. At the end of the night, 25 of Moose's dreads were bought and the money raised was donated to Dr. Daniel (Dr. Dan) Gonzalez of Ambergris Hopes Clinic located on Pescador Drive in "La Isla Bonita."

    In an interview with The San Pedro Sun, Moose said that he estimates that it took over 30 years to grow the dreads. The 25 dreads were sold for Bze. $50 to $285. Island visitor, Mr. Curtis Wilson, donated his Christmas Eve to act as auctioneer. During the auction the crowd, and many of the tourists, got into the spirit of giving.

    After seeing the auction advertisement online, one couple from Houston, Texas in the United States flew to the island just to attend the auction and buy a dread for charity.

    With the help of many generous people, who believed in aiding our community, Moose was able to present $1,445.BZ to Dr. Dan, which he intends to use to purchase medicine and materials for many of his young clients.

    Through this medium, Moose would like to thank Fido's Courtyard, Marie Carroll of Gecko Graphics, Marty Casado of, Reef Radio, Jules Escalante of the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce and all of the San Pedro business owners who allowed him to post flyers promoting the event.

    If you were unable to attend the fundraiser and would like to make a donation, checks can kindly be mailed to Ambergris Hopes Clinic, c/o General Delivery, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

    The San Pedro Sun applauds Moose's fund raising efforts and thanks those who generously donated to this important cause.
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