SP Lions hold tsunami fund raiser

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 2            January 11, 2005

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The San Pedro Lions Club joined the fund raising efforts of Lions Clubs around the world, and held a Tsunami Fund Raising Drive on Sunday, January 9th, 2005.

     The fund raising event was held at the Lions Den, where heaping plates of barbequed meats and rice and beans served with stewed chicken were sold. People enjoyed their delicious meals while the ever-popular Lions band, the Rompe Raja Band performed. Through out the day, Lion members, donned in their vests, solicited cash donations from residents and businesses of San Pedro. Their tireless efforts did not go un-rewarded, and by the end of the day, they managed to raise an impressive $16,547.61. Food and bar sales totaled $700, while pledges to be collected bring the grand total to $18,224.61. The proceeds will be forwarded to the Lions Club International Fund (LCIF) and used to assist victims affected by this great tragedy.

     According to information released from LCIF, Lions and LCIF have responded to the tsunami disaster in South Asia with innumerable hours of volunteer service to victims and an outpouring of financial support.

     Supported by LCIF, Lions in the affected countries have worked day and night organizing relief. They've distributed food, water and clothing, provided medical treatment and worked with government officials and other relief agencies on basic needs at relocation camps.

     LCIF has awarded US$470,000 in grants to Lions in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. This includes US$220,000 in emergency grants for Lions to secure and deliver food, water and blankets and a US$250,000 major catastrophe grant for longer-term relief. More grants will be made as needs are assessed.

     Donations from Lions from around the world have poured into LCIF. LCIF anticipates eventually mobilizing a multi-million dollar relief, recovery and reconstruction effort. LCIF will help rebuild communities as it helped rebuild in India after the earthquake in Gujarat by providing homes, schools and community centers.

     It is a selfless act to give up one's day of leisure, and The San Pedro Sun would like to recognize the dedicated people who spent their Sunday collecting donations for the victims of the tsunami. Thanks to the Lions of San Pedro Town, lives are being saved and communities will be rebuilt. But, what can be said of the community itself who once again joined forces to assist those in need. The San Pedro Sun gives a "big thumbs up" to everyone who realized that even though you give a little, you are giving a lot, and to everyone who did not hesitate to make a contribution!

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