Cobblestone streets – a reality!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 7            February 17, 2005

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After a little drizzle or a pounding rain, the streets of Ambergris Caye are always left the same – in a deplorable condition. The community has constantly requested that the town administrations and the Government of Belize to place cobblestones on San Pedro streets to help with the problem. This appears to have now become reality as construction has started n Pescador Drive.

    The area from the corner of The Palace Casino going north to the fire station is presently being leveled and the drainage system is being set. After this initial work, cobblestones will begin to be placed. Since this road is being worked upon, traffic has been averted to the street behind the Belize Electricity Limited plant, which is connected to Caribeña and Jewfish Streets.

    The San Pedro Town Council initiated this project with the assistance of the private sector and it is believed that this first section will be completed in six weeks. Once this area has been paved, work will move north of the fire station to the San Juan Statue. In an interview with The San Pedro Sun, Mayor Elsa Paz stated, “The San Pedro Town Council and the Area Representative decided to respond to the call of our community who are desperate for the streets to be fixed. We, the residents of San Pedro, have to endure the very muddy streets when it rains and the asphyxiating dust when it is dry. We have to ensure that we fix this before it harms our tourism industry that is why we took the initiative to do it with the support of the private sector, of course. I take this opportunity to ask the entire community to join in this effort. All donations are welcome. From donating the value of one cobblestone or a thousand – it is all for the benefit of our beloved San Pedro.”

    Anyone wishing to contribute to this project may contact Mayor Elsa Paz at the San Pedro Town Council (226-2198) or kindly make your donations directly to Atlantic Bank number 100031822.
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