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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 7            February 17, 2005

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The island of San Pedro is always considered the mecca of the tourism industry in the country of Belize. However, the truth is that people move to foreign lands in search of better studies and better job opportunities. It is always great to find a young person willing to remain on the island and find wonderful opportunities here. This week, The San Pedro Sun is proud to introduce a person who has found his niche on “La Isla Bonita” – Horacio “Chito” Guerrero.

    Chito, as he is affectionately called, was born to Lydia and Horacio Guerrero. Since proper medical attention was not readily available on the island, his parents made the decision to seek medical care in Belize City, where he was born on May 23rd, 1982. He grew up enjoying the cool breezes and warm waters of the Caribbean alongside his two younger sisters.

    Chito attended the San Pedro Roman Catholic School, proudly graduating in 1996. At the age of 12, Chito held a summer job at a local dive shop, where he discovered his love for the sea. He found out that he truly enjoyed the marine life and when presented with the chance, Chito studied for and passed his Open Water Certification with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI.) He enjoyed going scuba diving and did so as often as possible.

    Chito pursued higher studies at the San Pedro High School. Always interested in the environment and experiments, Chito signed up for the Academic classes, which major in Biology and Chemistry. Always an honor roll student, on June of 1999, he happily accepted his high school diploma from Principal Angel Nuñez.

    To further his education, Chito made the move to Belize City to attend Saint John’s College Junior College, where he majored in General Studies. Students at the school were given the opportunity to participate in an environmental essay competition. Being one of the winners and through this program, he received the opportunity to attend a special camp in the Cayo District. American students had arrived in the country to study Belizean Maya ruins and perform archaeological excavations for a month,. and for two weeks, Chito accompanied these students, gaining first hand archaeological experience. The students camped out in the forest away from everyday commodities. “It was a great experience,” stated Chito, “It was even broadcast on Channel 5 News.” Always a dedicated scholar, Chito was on the Dean’s List, his highest mark being a 3.8 grade point average and graduated in 2001.

    After graduating from Saint John’s College Junior College, Chito worked at Maya Island Air in the operations department. Among his responsibilities, Chito had to review every flight manifest and decide which airplane would be used based on how many passengers there were. He remained in this position for six months and was later employed at Belize Telecommunication Limited (BTL), as their sales representative. For the following year, Chito would sell services and software to customers in San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and the cayes in the outer Belize District. Chito was also the spokesperson for Digicell advertisements. His photographs appeared throughout the country and in all major ads.

    Through his job at BTL, Chito met Francios Chebat, a businessman in Belize City who wanted to open a store in San Pedro. With Digicell becoming popular on the island and through his work at BTL, Chito knew Digicell’s software very well and was offered the job. O E Wireless opened at Aqua Marina Suites, where apart from selling Digicell services, they also sold cellular phones. Chito managed the day-to-day running of the business making sure everything ran accordingly. After a few months, O E Wireless moved in front of the San Pedro Town Council under the new name of Island Essentials. Seeing a need for electronic appliances on the island, Island Essentials began carrying televisions, stereos, and other household appliances. After seeing the need to expand, moved once more. Their bigger, new home was in Pescador Drive on the first floor of the Social Security building. Having more space, Island Essential began carrying home furniture as well as outdoor furniture appliances, toys, and seasonal gifts and decorations.

    The San Pedro Town Council invited Chito to become a member of the Trade License Board, which he gladly accepted. Through his participation at the board, Chito and the rest of the members review applicants for business licenses.

    In 2004, Chito’s modeling career took an interesting turn when he was invited to participate in Belize’s first male calendar. Twelve men visited Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, Cockscomb Basin, Placencia, Cave Branch, and other beautiful sites across the country. Chito was Mr. October and enjoyed the experience grandly.

    “We kept moving and moving but now we are at home and here to stay!” Chito exclaimed. The new store is two stories high with the second floor housing furniture and the first floor having all the appliances and the household/outdoor equipment. Island Essentials is the exclusive distributor for Roses paper products on the island.

    In his free time, Chito enjoys spending time with his friends and girlfriend, Luisana Nuñez. “We enjoy spending time by the beach, just hanging out, swimming and having mini-picnics,” he said. In the future, he would love opening his own business or furthering his studies. Chito still has not quite figured it out, but would love to pursue studies in the business or tourism field.

    For the moment, Chito is happy with his manager position at Island Essentials, and is still trying to decide what road to take in his life. Always a hard worker and dedicated student, Chito proves that one can find life’s “Essentials” in “Our Community.”

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