GOB fined $100,000 a day

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 15            April 14, 2005

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On Wednesday morning, The San Pedro Sun received a letter from Rene A. Henry, Vice President/Public Relations for Innovative Communications Company, ICC. The following is what he wrote:

    Attached is a copy of Judge Ungaro-Benages’ order issued today. In summary:

1. The Judge fined the Government of Belize US$50,000 a day beginning March 29, 2005 and lasting until the GOB complied with her orders. Thus far this amounts of US$750,000. Under U.S. law, this fine runs through weekends and holidays.

2. The Judge ordered the GOB to pay the amount due by April 22nd, 2005.

3. The fines continue on a daily basis and, if the GOB doesn’t participate in the meeting of the BTL board of directors called for this coming Monday (April 18th) they will continue further.

4. The Judge also ordered the GOB to pay Belize Telecom’s and ICC LLC’s attorneys’ fees and expenses caused by the GOB’s contempt.

    A key point you will read in the order is: “The Court cautions Defendant that it will have little tolerance in the future for seemingly innocuous actions that result in an obstruction of this Court’s Order, such as Defendant – divesting [itself] of further shareholdings with the knowledge that the new shareholders will seek to obstruct this Court’s Injunction order.”

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