Buzz Aldrin goes diving in San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 18            May 5, 2005

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The second man to walk on the moon was recently visiting Belize to explore the underwater paradise of the world’s second largest barrier reef. Buzz Aldrin was at Journey’s End last weekend along with other members of an elite society that make up the SeaSpace Symposium. Aldrin is a charter member of the 35-year-old organization. He told The San Pedro Sun there are many similarities between the ocean and space. “I was the first astronaut to practice space walking with the use of neutral buoyancy in the water,” he explained.

        Aldrin said that in addition to diving, the SeaSpace Symposium discusses current and future events impacting space and the oceans. He said he looks forward to the Shuttle missions resuming and admires President Bush’s commitment to again explore beyond Earth’s orbit with missions back to the moon and to Mars. The group also discussed exploring the ocean depths including a search for the plane that crashed with the famed pilot Amelia Earhart near the Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean.

        Aldrin has traveled to the far side of the moon, and has explored the ocean depths including taking a submersible to visit the Titanic. He raved about his visit to Belize. “I think the country has a great future. You have a lot of resources and obviously a lot of people are coming to vacation and even to buy homes.”

        Aldrin added that the diving was excellent and the hospitality was superb. “I hope to come back soon.”
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