SPRC School holds Open Day

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 23            June 9, 2005

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As the school year is coming to a close, schools are putting the finishing touches on work to complete the curriculum. The teachers and students both have a long way to go before the school year ends; therefore, they are trying to get good grades by putting what they've learned in display. On Friday, June 3rd, the Roman Catholic School did just that and held their annual Open Day at the school campus.

    All the classes showed off a bit of everything that involves Belize's culture, lifestyle and subjects and material which they learned through the year. The San Pedro Sun had a chance to mingle and take a first hand look at the displays the children exhibited. The open-day featured displays from past ancestors, the Mayas, the Central American countries, industries of Belize, different subject matters, important occupations in a community and even the different celebrations that the communities partake in. The children were readily ahead of the game, as they were quick to give an explanation about what they did. It was an all day event, as the children had a chance to show their parents and the public their creativity and what they've learned over the year.

    The classes were all decorated depicting their themes; one in particular was set up to be a clinic. The children were all dressed either as a doctor or nurse. To top it off, they created a scene where they had pretend 'sick patients' that were attached to respirators and other medical apparatus. Another interesting class had a Mayan theme, where they had Mayan dances with gods and others dancing around him. Pictures, calendars, symbols and some other artifacts were on display and the kids were at hand to proudly explain what they had set up.

    It was a good effort from all on Friday, and certificates were given out to the classrooms with the best performance and creativity. The winners in the lower division were Teacher Julia Martinez's class of Infant I, Second place was a tie between Yvette Dawson's class of Infant 2 and Lourdes Ventura's class of Infant I and third place is Luis Ack's class of Standard I. In the middle division, Emidio Acosta of Standard I, second place went to Neidy Bastarrachea of Standard II and third place was a tie between Teachers Roxanna Murray Standard 4 and Silvio Camara of Standard 3. Winners for the upper division are; first place, Rosarie Alvarez's class of Standard 6, second place to Teacher Lenni Flores of Standard 6 and a tie for third place between Victoria Carrillo's class of Standard 5 and Ismael Yupit's of Standard 6.

    Of course at the end of the day, students will receive grades for their work. This exhibition helped the students in many ways; it aided them to work more effectively together, improve classroom communications, and developed the students' social skills. With all said, it was an excellent effort from all the children and the guidance of the teachers that made the day a grand one.

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